McDonald's Russia

"McDonald's outstanding success in Russia is a tribute to our Russian employees, suppliers and of course our customers"
George A Cohon
Senior Chairman, McDonalds in Russia

It all began in 1976 with an accidental meeting between George Cohon and a Soviet Olympic Delegation in Montreal, started fourteen years of negotiations and resulted in the busiest McDonald's restaurant in the world.

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McDonald's in Russia would have had to consider carefully all the P.E.S.T factors before opening up the restaurant in Pushkin Square, Russia

There was many political issues that needed to be covered and this was accountable for the length of time it took for the restaurant to be built. In 1988 there was finally an agreement policy introduced that was to allow the building to go ahead legally.Building started soon after and there was no conflict because of the agreement policy. Staff had to go through tough training to meet health and safety standards which was a key issue and was to be maintained always. For this to be successful a large human resource department was also needed to cope with the training of 600 + staff. This was to meet the legislations that had been set and to ensure growth and survival.

The economical factors were easily dealt with. The restaurant was to operate a roubles only policy, unlike other restaurants, which would encourage the community to come in and spend their money. This would have a knock on effect and would bring capitalism to Moscow. The food produced in Russia improved the country's agriculture and import/export business. The jobs created by the restaurant would reduce Russia's unemployment numbers and also give the country more money.

There were many societal factors in the building and planning of the restaurant. Leaflets were created to hand out to customers on thefirst opening day to inform them on how to order what they wanted. This was because this new to th…


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