Man of Steel

IN the years 1927 to 1953 a man who was exactly what the USSR needed took power, Joseph Stalin. From the start Stalin had a vision of what he wanted for the country and stuck to it. With doing this he led them through his amazing economic plan, and also prepared them for war. Joseph Stalin really was the man of steel.
Stalin was one of the few leaders of the USSR who actually had a vision. Some may say that this vision was the reason for most of his success.From the very start of his leadership, he started the country moving forward and never backwards.
One of Stalin’s greatest achievements was the rapid industrialization of the Soviet Union with his economic plan. To have a strong economic system, a country needs the three factors of production; land, labor and capital.Stalin accomplished this more than any other former leader of the USSR. He may have been lacking in capital but he had a full workforce to provide labor, and he also controlled large amounts of land filled with natural resources. Under his rule industrialization of his country increased by thirteen percent. Much of the industrialization occurred within his five-year plans.From 1928 to 1937, the Soviet had many gains, all of which happened in only nine years.
In1904-1905 Russia was severely beaten in the Russo-Jap war. Stalin took note of this and saw that he had to prepare his country for another war, which he saw was coming.To do this, production of massive amounts of military weapons was established. Also, by warning his people of a war that may come, he brought his country closer together. Under his ruling, during World War II, the Soviet became the second most powerful nation in the world, economically and militarily
Despite Stalin;s forceful tactics he got what he needed done and he got it done fast. How many leaders; can say they accomplished as much as Stalin did in only ten months?He eliminated the people of opp


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