Los Reyes Magos

Los Reyes Magos is the third of the three Christmas-time celebrations.Thefirst is Los Pasados, which is a twelve-day celebration from December 12 to the 24.Following Los Pasados is of course, Christmas.After Christmas is Los Reyes Magos.Los Reyes Magos is a Latin American, post-Christmas celebration of the three kings, or Magi that visited Christ.On January 8, the whole family gathers at a family member's house for a huge feast.There is much celebration and music and traditional food.The festivities are topped off with and enormous, traditional cake-like bread filled and covered with candies and fruits.Before the bread is baked, a small figurine of a child is hidden in the dough.After being baked, the bread-cake is sliced and distributed amongst the family, whoever gets the child or the largest piece of the child has to host the Los Reyes Magos party the following year. The best description of Los Reyes Magos I found happened to be in poem form and is as follows.
Los Reyes Magos when Santa Clause has delivered his toys
To all you lucky Northern girls and boys
And you think that Christmas is all done
In Latin America, the holiday has just begun
Well, yes, it’s true we haven’t got Christmas snow
But we’ve got twelve more jolly days to go
Before our own celebration is through
In Latin America, there’s so much more to look forward to
Oh, Los Reyes Magos, our three kings
We thank you for the memories and wonderful new things
Oh, Los Reyes Magos, our three kings
You bring Los Reyes Magos on their camels so fair
Fill every one of our shoeboxes with care
Then stop to snack on the grass we left for them
In Latin America, like long ago in Bethlehem
You know, it’s not that Christmas isn’t grand
But the day of three kings, that’s what lights up our homeland
Once found the Christ child under a star


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