Loonie Talks

For many Canadians the value of the Loonie is a sensitive subject; the ever rising and falling of the dollar effects the everyday lives of Canadians. The value of the Loonie is like any other currency and rises and falls with global trends, yet, the largest economic trend to influence the Loonie is that of the United States. With a lower Loonie value against the US dollar Canada's exports become more appealing to foreign investors, this theory has been influential and exercised in recent Canadian governmental history. A strong Loonie is also good for the Canadian government as it encourages foreign investment and is much more lucrative for importers. The everyday lives of average Canadians, not just those involved in world economic systems directly, are influenced, changed and shaped by the value of their dollar: the Loonie.
The Canadian economic system is influenced drastically by the cycles of the American system; the US cycles help set the future path for the Loonie and its users. Canada and the United States are the only G7 nations in the Americas this fact isolates these two countries and ties them closely together economically. With the United States being such a super-power within global markets Canada is forced to take a back seat and follow the cycles of its neighbors to the south. Whether the Loonie is strong or weak against the US dollar both a positive and negative effect are simultaneously taking place on the lives of Canadians. The value of the Canadian versus the US dollar also influences the personal lives of Canadians; the value of the dollar determines luxuries such as travel, retirement and even the consumption of foreign goods. The ever fluctuating Loonie value has its pros and cons for all Canadians.
A lower Canadian dollar vis-â-vis the US dollar makes products manufactured in Canada relatively cheaper for foreign buyers and makes Canada a major competitor in the global market. This relatively simpl…


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