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The definition of euthanasia means “easy death”, which comes from the Greek term eu thanatos. Today we refer to euthanasia as mercy
killing, “the voluntary ending of life of someone who’s terminally or hopelessly ill.” An example of euthanasia is abortion, which has become
There are many opinions on abortion, and mine is that it is absolutely wround. My opinion is backed up by what we refer to as mercy
killing, “the voluntary ending of life of someone who’s terminally or hopelessly ill.” The child in the mothers’ womb is not volunteering to be
killed; it doesn’t have a choice on wheter it will live or die, which I would call murder. There is evidence that supports it is murder, the killing
is planned, the victim has no choice what is going to happen, the child has no choice but to be killed.
There are many new technologies, which have come about abortion. There is simpler, quicker ways to get an abortion, this is because of
the new devices, resulting from technology, which allow this to happen.
Many things are developing from abortion. People become careless on whether they become pregnant or not, this is because they know
if they do get pregnant, they can just get an abortion and they won’t have a child. I wonder if people think before they get an abortion,
because they must not see what they are doing. If they think about it, I don’t know how they could got through with it, I know that I
would want to see my child. If they are getting an abortion because they think they are too young to have a child, they were obviously
too young to be doing what they were doing to make that child in thefirst place, and show irresponsibility. There are many different types
of birth control out there, preventing females from becoming pregnant and if everyone was responsible, they would use them and never
have to even think about abortion, because they would have prevented making a life.


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