Little Red Riding transl. span

A little girl lived with her mother in a small house near a great forest.
The girl had neither father nor grandparents.
She had a grandmother who was a widow also.
Her grandmother lived in a small house on the other side of the forest.
As the girl had the custom to use a red pointed hood, everybody called Little Red Riding Hood.
– Daughter, your grandmother is ill.You want to take a candy basket to her?
– Yes, of course, Mommy- responded Little Red Riding Hood, like she was a very amiable and likeable girl.
– Good, hereis the basket full of candy said the mother.- As you know, in order to arrive at the house of your grandma, you must cross the forest. In the forest there are wolves.Do not delay, and if a wolf approaches you, call to one of the numerous woodcutters who work in the forest.
– I will travel with care, Mommy.I will arrive safely at grandma's house responded Little Red Riding Hood.
Then the girl put the candy basket in an arm and soon she had entered the forest.
Neglecting the wise advice of her mother of not delaying in the forest, Little Riding Hood was taking flowers and putting them in the basket.
Suddenly a great wolf appeared, ferocious, and hungry.The favorite food of this wolf was the meat of little girls, but as it was scared of the woodcutters who worked near there, it resolved to obtain its favorite food with ma&ntildeas.Thus it said with smooth voice:
– Good morning, Little Riding Hood.Where are you going with that basket full of candies and flowers?
Although the girl, since we have seen, was amiable and likeable, she had the great defect of being something disobedient and stupid.
She had already disobeyed her mother when delaying in the forest to take flowers.
And now she demonstrated her stupidity in answering the wolf instead of calling to the woodcutters.She said:


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