Japanese Father

Japanese fathers spend very little time with their families and the main reason is their need to put their careers as top priority, to earn and provide for their wives and children. Besides this reason of overworking to give a comfortable life for their families, the mindset of fathers that they must maintain a devoted-worker image in front of their colleagues also limited the time fathers have to interact with the children. This mindset developed because of the Japanese society, as it gave more recognition to men who are being ?°masculine?± and this masculinity is equivalent to men??s ability to earn.
The other factor contributing to the little time fathers spend with their families is the need to keep a certain distance from their children. This is a psychological factor, for example if you have a father who constantly nags and monitors you, very soon you will most likely not take him too seriously. However, what or who makes the children have this fear of their fathers and will teaches them a lesson if they misbehave when their fathers are not around at home often?
Japanese mothers are the ones molding the minds of their children to believe that their fathers are the authoritative figures and must be work-oriented to support the family. Mothers teach their children to be respectful to their fathers and look upon them as role models. Such teachings may be a little exaggerative of the fathers?? authority although it is quite effective in making the children respect and fear their fathers, so that they will not misbehave. However, what the mothers say to their children about how great their fathers are may not coincide with how the fathers behave.
Another important point of the article is that although Japanese mothers spend more time with the children than fathers, they earn lower level of respect from their children. This is perhaps because the more time you spend with one person, he or she will be able to see …


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