International Relations

Stephen Biddle's review essay "The New Way of War?" in the journal, Foreign Affairs, states the advantages and disadvantages of the present form of a new war, which would approve security issues.Biddle discusses the positive and negative affects of a war unlike the previous world conflicts. He uses the work Bacevich and Cohen on War Over Kosovo, Lambeth work on NATO's Air War for Kosovo, and Hosmer’s book Why Milosevik Decided to Settle When He Did.Biddle seems to support the advantages more than the disadvantages. Also, this article talks about problems that arise in this new kind of warfare such as, some fear the militaries; weapons technologies and information wouldn;t be able to get a hold of when needed, it will only work on small states that are able to be bullied around, and also will impact the civilians in an economic way.There are some benefits that poke there way through the negatives.The new kind of warfare is cheaper, protects the enemy;s civilians from being killed, protects the lives of the military force attacking, and shortens the length of wars.
Negatives show their face in this sort of problem solving.The new form a war involves bombing electrical power buildings, transportation networks from beyond the enemy;s reach, until the enemy gives the allies what they want.This happened in Kosovo with Milosevic and in Afghanistan between al Qaeda.In the literary work War Over Kosovo, Cohen and Bacevich state some important concerns.For instance by bombing electrical power plants, transportation stations, it will affect the economy by minimizing jobs and ;creating suffering among their civilian population.;
Biddle;s main concern in this May/ June article is the positives sides to this new form of bombing.He states that minimizing ground forces is an important step for it causes more casualties, and that they are difficult to pull out. Also, by …


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