Indigenous Empowerment


The power point attached to this report on Indigenous service provision in Kalgoorlie (Goldfields), demonstrates that a plethora of knowledge can be obtained prior to engaging with any community by looking beneath the surface. A practitioner must make an effort to fully understand the historical issues, contemporary challenges and dilemmas of the Indigenous communityfirst. They must appreciate that Indigenous languages, cultures, history, political influences vary in some contexts significantly.

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This report is detailed in four sections that I advocate should be considered as a practitioner in building relationships with Indigenous communities, these are:

– Research
– Dialogue
– Reflection
– Empowerment


I hold the view that practitioners must become empowered by drilling down to the central issues and evaluating any previous work that could be used as best practice. Utilizing best practice can save both time and money and assist improvement in practice, as well as considering future projects. This can be conceptualized by:

A best practice is a proven method, technique, or process for achieving a specific outcome under a specific circumstance in an effective way, a concept based on lessons learned by one group, which can be passed on to another group that is facing a similar set of circumstances and
the experiences learned from one community or organization that can be shared with another.

By evaluating the work prior to engagement the practitioner can involve other community members in the strategy of planning and accomplishment of the task, ensure that any staff participating with you is culturally competent, identify and prioritize tasks that you deem as most important to the people's needs. Early success can gain confidence in the organisation you represent which then empowers and motivates all participants, identify any cultural…


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