The Haitians are rising up in rebellion again, seizing a clutch of miserable towns and cities. They’re killing, burning and looting in an aftermath of overthrowing President Aristide, partly because they believe he stole an election but mostly because he’s failed to give his people a shred of hope for a better future. Being the strongest country in the world, having the supplies and knowledge to help Haiti in this time of crisis, I strongly believe the United States should aid Haiti in rebuilding.
There is the constant argument that the United States should'mind their own business'. Clearly Haiti is our business, given Haiti’s proximity and the shame that Haitian poverty and anarchy represents in our hemisphere. Also, keep in mind Haiti is only a short boat ride from the Florida coast. A boats ride that many thousands have taken and that many thousands more will take if things in Haiti don’t improve. The United States should take the initiative of scrutinizing those who are entering and exiting the troubled island. Certainly since Haiti has long been the poorest country in the western hemisphere with high rates of illiteracy and very little experience with democratic institutions. The world must expect Haiti's political instability and violence in such a place until some of the gross economic imbalances are addressed and basic education is provided. Perhaps the United States should take action immediately in ensuring security for Haitians against rebels and chaos. Also, perhaps the United States should take the same action that was taken with Puerto Rico, once Haiti is stabilized the United States should take over Haiti completely and make it a territory. Although a long-term action like such will cost the States a substantial amount of money in the end the stability in the Caribbean's would be well worth it.
Currently, I believe the involvement of Canada and France in Haiti is respectable an


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