gullivers travels

Lemuel Gulliver- He is a sailor and observes many different cultures on multiple islands.
Emperor of Lilliput- He uses Gulliver to defeat his enemy and then tries to kill him when
King of Laputa- He is a peaceful and moral king. He runs a country without complexities and cannot understand abstract ideas.
Queen of Laputa- Takes a special liking to Gulliver, and purchases him. She also owns a
dwarf who hates Gulliver for gaining her favor.
Munodi- The governor of Balnibarbi- Tells Gulliver about the history and problems of his island.
The setting of the novel takes place on various islands throughout the world. His homeland is England. He travels to the islands of Lilliput, Blefscu, Surat, Brobdingag, Laputa(a flying island), Balnibarbi(another flying island), Lagado, Glubbdubdrib, Luggnagg, and Japan. The novel takes place in thefirst half of the 18th century.
The book begins when Gulliver goes to sea. He is a surgeon on the ship, Antelope. During this voyage there is a windstorm, which sinks the ship causing Gulliver to swim to Lilliput. Once there he finds little men 6 inches tall. They take him to a temple, the only place large enough for him. The Emperor is not sure what to do with Gulliver, but he is very pleased with his behavior. Gulliver is granted partial freedom for cooperating with the emperor, and given plenty of food.
Two countries are at war, Lilliput and Blefscu. The war started over a petty religious debate about which side of the table their eggs should be broken on. Blefscu soon tries to invade Lilliput put they are stopped by Gulliver. Gulliver, who wants a peace treaty, refused to completely destroy Blefscu. His disagreement with the Emperor is made worse when he puts out a fire in the palace by urinating on it. The Emperor pardons this act but is still at odds with Gulliver.
Laws in Lilliput are particularly strict. The latest accusation against Gulliver is the worst of all of them. H…