Africa- To most people in this class, it is just another country.We do not know that much about it, and truthfully do not care to.For me, the only things that I knew of in Africa were Nelson Mandela, Egyptians and the pyramids, and that Kenya is a country there.Yet after this course, I have learned much that had never been presented to me before.Also, because of these student projects and papers, I have learned that there are more countries in Africa besides Kenya and Egypt.One of those countries is Gabon.
Gabon is located in Western Africa, bordering the Atlantic Ocean at the equator and between Republic of the Congo and Equatorial Guinea.It’s capital is Libreville and the total population is around 1,208,436.The total area of it is 102,000 square miles.So for us, that means it is about the size of Colorado.The climate is tropical, so it is almost always hot and humid.There is almost no rainfall between June and September, but the rainfall in the other months totals around 100 inches per year.The terrain consists of a narrow coastal plain, with a hilly interior, and savanna in the east and south.Some of Gabon’s natural resources are petroleum, manganese, uranium, timber, gold, iron ore, and hydropower.Pertaining to its environment, Gabon is currently worried about deforestation and poaching.
The majority of Gabon's people live in the cities and larger towns.So who are these people?The nationality is recognized as Gabonese.Most people of are Bantu origin.There are four major tribal groupings of the Bantu.Those are the Fang, which is the largest, the Eshira, the Bapounou, and the Bateke.Other groups include the French and other persons of dual nationality.The Ethnic group boundaries are lesser than in other African countries.This is primarily because the official language, French.It seems to tie things together.Other languages include Fang, Myene, Bateke, Bapounou/Eschira, and Ba…


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