fredrick douglass’ speech

Fredrick Douglass, who was an escaped slave, wrote what to a Slave is the Fourth of July?;This speech is unique because it is an actual encounter of a slave’s perspective of the Fourth of July.As we will come to find out, to a slave, there is no Fourth of July.It is shown throughout the whole speech that a slave feels that being human means being free.Also, for one to really understand and know the true values of freedom, one must understand denial and put him or herself in a slave’s position.
To a slave, being human means being free. Since a slave has no freedom, he has no sense of humanity.A slave is not free in his own country.He is a deprived person of his every right as a human being.When America gained its independence, it meant that everyone within the country had gained his or her own rights as being part the nation. However, everyone gained their independence except those that were considered less than human, which were slaves.Being human fulfills the basis for living your life according to your morals, values, and standards that were promised in you.A slave is denied the same opportunities as others. While he lacked in literacy and any form of education, he sees no hope of ever seeing a way to the future.
Before America gained its independence they, themselves, were considered slaves.They had no chance to declare their freedom until a war was fought.A nation that was once without freedom should have stepped back and taken a look at their own lives and view of being human.Pe…


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