France has known for a fact that Iraq (Saddam) has had WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) programs. (Rhodes, Jonathan Pg.1) Because of France's lucrative import and exports between itself and Iraq, France has its own interests to protect. If France keeps its oil intake unharmed, then all is well. That is why France had been pushing for more inspections and sanctions not war. The sanctions that the United Nations enforce on Iraq causes millions of children starving and dying; this also kept the oil moving from Iraq to France. The French did not want a war-for-oil because the current peace-for-oil allows them to collect billions from the corpses of dead Iraqi children. (Pg. 2) Jonathan has a very good opinion when it comes to France and oil. I think that is would be right to say that France wants peace-for-oil, when people are saying that America wants war-for-oil. America doesn't want war-for-oil. With the recent 9/11 bombings, America's terrorist protection has increased dramatically. Iraq, with its WMD, has been a target for terrorism or destruction not only America, but also the world. This is why they have tried to step in as a peacemaker, not a war-maker. With the war in progress, I wouldn't be surprised if France became part of America's defense just to be part of the shaping of Iraq after the war is over. This is just another way France wants to get a hand in on the profits of Iraq. You could also say that France is against this war at this point.
France has a long history with Iraq. During the Iran-Iraq war, France was supplying $25bn-worth of top level military equipment. This was after French companies started work on the plutonium generator Tamuz One nuclear reactor and Tamuz Two. (Laurenson, John Pg. 1&2) Since Iraq holds 11% of the world oil supply, and even more in reserves (Paul, A. James Pg.1), France has wanted to tap into that by either buying or persuading their way into these reactors. Fra…


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