Edo Castle

One of the biggest, nicest and best castles in Japan is the Edo Castle. However, when Edo wasfirst constructed it really wasn't that nice at all.In 1457, this castle was constructed, but much different than it is today.Actually, all it really was, was a fort on top of a hill. The castle was also small, and surrounded by marshes.Ota Dokan was the man originally in charge of the construction of the Edo Castle. Ota Dokan was a local ruler, and leader of the Hojo family.The place that Dokan chose to build the castle was on a hill on which three sides were surrounded by marshes and swamps from the Sumida River surrounded the castle.The construction workers finished the fourth side by digging a moat.This was initially built to separate from the Yamanote district.The castle was not attackable.
Edo Castle is an extremely large castle.The castle covers over more than two kilometers.The size of the land is just overwhelming.Inside the moat, there are very beautiful gardens with unbelievable flowering trees, ponds and walkways. There are also a great number of rooms that are lived in. The most important daimyo, which are rulers and distant relatives of the shogun live in very elegant rooms. There is also a very large area in which the thousands of servants and castle officials reside in. There are a very beautiful gardens with unbelievable flowering trees, ponds and walkways. There is also a room in the middle of the castle, which is of course the shogun of Japan's.
The Hojo family still ruled the castle in 1589.In 1589, In 1589, the ruler for the Hojo family was Hojo Ujimasa.Ujimasa's army was defeated by Toyotomi Hideyoshi's in the seige of Odawara.The land that once belonged to the Hojo family was now Toyotomi Hideyoshi's.Tokugawa Ieyasu, who at the time was a very powerful daimyo, helped Hiedyoshi in the battle against the Hojo's.Ieyasu was invited to Hideyoshi's castl…


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