Edgar Allan Poe

Sometimes people say I am an unusual person. I do not know why. I think I am a perfectly normal type of person. Maybe I am not into too many mainstream fads, but I am not that different. That is why when I was assigned a research paper I immediately chose Edgar Allan Poe. People say he was an unusual person, too, but I just think he is misunderstood. You should not judge someone until you know more about them and where they come from. (If you met my family you would understand why I am this way!) As I found out more about him, I realized that we had very different lifestyles. Edgar Allan Poe led a disturbing life that shows through his unique writing style and work.
Edgar Allan Poe entered the world on January 19, 1809. He was handed to two unloving parents: David Poe, Jr. and Elizabeth Arnold Poe. The Poe family resided in Boston, Massachusetts. His unfit parents were in the acting business and did not have enough time to devote love and affection to young Edgar.At the age of three, Edgar lost his father and later his mother. David walked out on the family, leaving Elizabeth to take care of Edgar on her own. She could not handle the stress of being a single mother and passed away shortly after. John and Frances Allan unofficially adopted Edgar and raised him as their own. They brought him back to their home in Richmond, Virginia. Edgar never got along well with the Allans. His horrible years with his birth parents scarred him for life, making him believe no one could ever love him.
In 1815, the Allans moved to England. While there Poe was educated at the Manor House School. He graduated in 1819, and returned to Richmond the following year. Six years later, Poe enrolled in the University of Virginia. He soon dropped out of the school when his gambling debts overwhelmed him. He asked Allen to pay them off, but he refused. Poe had done this to him before.
Poe went back to Boston for four years before enlisting in W…


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