China and the Oppression of Tibet

Thousands of Tibetans are being jailed, tortured, and executed on a regular basis (Bernstein). Tibetans are simply trying to live lives of peace and happiness. Tragically, that serene way of life ended when China invaded and started settling in Tibet. Chinese rule is discouraging religious aspects of Tibet. Tibet practices Tibetan Buddhism. This religion focuses on meditation and mindfulness, for the purpose of arriving at a clear state of mind.Mindful clarity is then used to awaken and increase their compassion for others until it equals the unconditional compassion of the Buddha (Tibetan…). Chinese rule is depriving Tibet of its peaceful culture and is discouraging the religious beliefs of its people; the oppression must be stopped.
One might argue that because Tibet’s economy, agricultural output and foreign trade have been rapidly increasing since China took control, then Tibetans must be benefiting from Chinese rule (Faison). Money does not matter to Tibetans; they simply want peace, enlightenment and freedom. Although the country of Tibet may be receiving a larger gross income, Tibetans are not benefiting from Chinese rule if they are unhappy with the lifestyles forced upon them. Another common argument is that China is controlling religious beliefs to ensure that all religious activities are carried out in line with the doctrines, which are religious rules (Faison). There are no facts to prove China’s claim, which is not true since China is forcing Tibetans to submit religious worship to the authority of communist party officials. Pictures of the Dalai Lama (head of state and spiritual leader), which are all that Tibetans have left, since he was forced to flee to India in 1940 when China invaded, have been banned (Bernstein). China is not monitoring religious acts in Tibet; it is controlling them. One might even believe that Tibetans could exist in a Chinese province like Eskimos exist in Alaska. The Eskimo culture coexistin…


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