Car polltion UK

Because of environmental degradation cars should be taxed at a higher rate and petrol prices doubled to deter the use of cars.
Cars have how become a very important part in today's society as it is the most
convenient way to travel in today's world it has brought us flexibility, freedom and
mobility but still there are some disadvantages of using the car the main one being
the pollution caused to the environment. This is why the government is trying to
implement a number of different plans to combat the pollution caused by cars and also
reduce the use of cars as many roads have just become to congested.
If people are be deterred from using their cars there has to be a very good and reliable form of transport that can be used instead of the car this is most likely to be in the form of public transport. The transport system would have to be nearly as much of a convenience as the car. At the present time the public transport system is not quite good enough for cars to be not used by people. Raising tax and petrol prices of cars, would not necessarily deter the use of cars as in the last two years taxes have risen and petrol prices have gone up by about twenty five percent. Even though of this increase there are more cars now on the road than there were two years ago. But even with the increasing costs of owning a car there is an ever-increasing amount of more and more cars on the road today. The proof of this can be seen as Britain is one the worlds highest priced countries in which to by petrol and has the highest priced petrol than anywhere else in Europe even with the high prices people still seem to want to drive cars.Then in some parts of the country where there is no other means of transport or where there is such little public transport that it is practically non existent. These people are dependent on the use of cars and have no other real choice but to use their cars as they have no other means of …


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