Canadian politics

In Canadian politics today there seems to be many political ideologies that the federal parties of Canada have been influenced by. For instance socialism and its revolutionary/Marxist side influence the Communist party of Canada, and the Liberal Party of Canada was influenced by the ideology of Liberalism. As election time nears in Canada, people across the nation are being bombarded with political party platforms that state what they are going to bring to the country if they get elected. Under health care, the Liberals state that they are going to supply a universally available health care system that will be there for everyone in the nation. And the NDP's are stating that they will help reduce waiting times by working with provinces and territories to establish more community based clinics to handle minor medical problems, reducing the expensive reliance on hospital emergency rooms. These parties are just promising things that are based around the ideologies that they follow and comply with. And it is these ideologies that make the world of politics the way that they are today.
The Green Party of Canada has one of the most complying and honest campaigns when it comes to the 2004 Canadian elections. The Green Party runs under the influence of what is called green liberalism. They believe that the people comefirst and that everyone should have an equal shot at health care. The Green parties main focus is on the earth and how we can prevent further damage to it. In their health care platform the green party mentions how due to the environment, people are getting sicker faster than ever and it needs to be stopped. They plan on reducing future health care costs by reducing future illness by implementing a health improvement plan, which will make crucial decisions and Canada Health Act, and preserve the right of all Canadians to access and publicly run and publicly financed health care system. By preventing damage to the en…


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