From over more than three centuries of ruling of Portugal, Brazil obtained its independence in 1822. Brazil is the largest country in population and in size of South America. This very powerful and big nation has overcome more than half a century of military intervention in the governance of its country to gain industrial and agricultural growth and development of the interior. By the 1970 Brazil had already become Latin America's leading economic power.
This country is mostly known for the common name Brazil, but the official name of this country in a conventional long form is Federative Republic of Brazil. The state religion, which adopted Brazil from early ages, is the Roman Catholic Religion in its 80% population practice. Brazil is mostly known for the beautiful tropical climate that has on its terrain. Its capital is known as Brasilia. The climate on Brazil is mostly tropical, but temperate in the south. Most of the terrain in Brazil is flat to rolling lowlands in the north, some plains, hills and mountains. This countries relative relation to other physical features is to the Eastern South of America, bordering the Atlantic Ocean, the geographic coordinates are 10 00 S, 55 00 W. For map references its located in South America. Brazil has been both blessed and cursed by its varied landscape. The forests, rivers, and mountains of Brazil have long hindered travel inland, and the country's vast interior remains little developed. Starting with it most famous physical feature, the worlds largest tropical rain forest sprawls across much of the north. The Amazon and other enormous rivers wind through vast green forests of towering trees and steamy jungles. Cloud covered mountains rise north of the forests as well as bordering the Atlantic Ocean in the southeast. South of the Amazon region, the country's interior is dominated by dry plains extends across parts of northeastern Brazil. The low plateaus of central and sout…


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