aus relationship with china

Good morning teachers and students China is a country in East Asia The total area of China is 9,571,300 sq km (3,695,500 sq mi) including inland waters. The country stretches across East Asia in a broad arc that has a maximum east-west extent of about 5,000 kmthe world's largest country by population and one of the largest by area, measuring about the same size as the United States. China proper centers on the agricultural regions drained by three major rivers-the Huang He (Yellow River) in the north, the Yangtze (Chang Jiang) in central China, and the Zhu Jiang (Pearl River) in the south. The country's varied terrain includes vast deserts, towering mountains, high plateaus, and broad plains. Beijing, located in the north, is China's capital and its cultural, economic, and communications center. Shanghai, located near the Yangtze, is the most populous urban center, the largest industrial and commercial city, and mainland China's leading port. More than one-fifth of the world's population-1.3 billion people-live in China. More than 90 percent of these are ethnic Han Chinese,
Australia regards the relationship with China as one of its most important. The bilateral relationship is based on shared interests and mutual respect, an approach which offers the best prospects to maximise shared economic interests, advance Australia’s political and strategic interests, and manage differences in a sensible and practical way. Since 1997 there has been a major strengthening of relations, assisted by a strong program of high-level visits in both directions. Prime Minister Howard visited China most recently in August 2003. He visited previously in March 1997, in October 2001 to attend the APEC Leaders Meeting, and in May 2002. PRC President Hu Jintao visited Australia in October 2003. Former Chinese President Jiang Zemin visited in September 1999. Bilateral relations have reached a new level of maturity with the reciprocal v…


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