Mary Jane Ramirez and her husband Dan finally decided to move to Seattle where it always seemed to be raining, so that they could start their new jobs. Mary Jane worked as a supervisor in the position area in the First Guarantee Company. Her husband Dan worked at Microrule. They had two kids together:Brad and Stacy. Dan was always talking about his new job. Tweve months after moving to Seattle, Dan died from a burst aneurysm, “a genetic oddity”.
Once that Mary Jane was working, her boss asked her if she wants to operate the group on the third floor, promising her a promotion and she accepted. This floor was the worst floor in the company because it was called the “Toxic energy dump”. Everybody was laughing at this floor and nobody wanted to manage this place.At lunchtime, Mary went to the Pike Place that was a “fish market” because she didn’t want to go to the cafeteria because everybody would laugh at her because of the floor she worked on. Its there that she met Lonnie(a guy that worked in the fish market). She started talking with him agout the problems she was having at work. He also told her that to have an energized group you need four things: first, you can choose your attitude and then he told her to come back tomorrow for the three others. The next day she talked to the group about the attitude, but not everybody had the same ida as her. Then one day, they started to belive in her. The employees made a poster, which stated on the top “Choose your attitude”. A couple days after Mary Jane came back with her children to see Lonnie at the Pike Place. They went to lunch and he told her the three other things that you need to have some fun during the work, Lonnie called this one “Play”. Wolf, an employee of the fish market helped Mary Jane to find the third one. He gave Brad a fish mouth and this made his day, so he called this one “Make their day”. The last one she realized it when she was eating at the cafe across the street, it…

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