Asia represents much more then a geographic identity. The idea of Asia has always been portrayal by a stereotyped eye.Asia and everything within it seems to be backwards and problematic to the west, but the truth about Asia is far from it.
Asia is not simply a geographic identity, nor a cultural one. In face, there is no geographic or cultural absolute. It is merely a cultural myth; dating back to the Ancient Greeks and later the Medieval Europeans, Islamic and Christians used the team "Asia" Simply to identify the three continents (Asia, Europe and Libya) apart and interpreting into its own believes. The diversity of the religion, history, tradition, language and much more within Asia, makes it relativity hard to categorise the notion of a culture absolute. As a matter of fact, the whole idea of Asia was created by the west for the west.
The idea of Asia has long been stamped in the minds of the west, from the "age of exploration", periods of colonialism and now the period of modernisation, has all contribute to the notion the west is superiority, with more advance technology and civilisation (moral dimension). Awareness such as these transmitted racialist ideas, judging people on biological differences, race, nation and the ranking of people on evolutionary and moral scale. Thus the west is considered a much "higher civilisation of mankind".
According to "Orientalism" 1979 critique written by the influential scholar Edward Said, Asia was everything that the west is not " exotic, sensual, weak, backwards, mysterious, merely a conversed image of western society". The whole notion of Asia or the orient, is a system of thoughts, originated from the perception and assumption of the west, seeing the east as a subordinate of existence."
Asia as Europe constitutes "other". The feminine and weak orient awaits the dominance of the west.Due to colonial conque…


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