A Souvenir of Japan

The main elements of this story deal with the interaction of character and setting. The main character and also narrator of this story is in denial of the truth, her lover is not in love with her, he is just obsessed with the idea of being in love with her. Both of these characters are conscious of this doomed relationship, but both are powerless to stop it. In the beginning of the story the main character describes the customs of Japan and the role of the women and how they just occupy the room and rarely come out of it. "In a society where men dominate they value women only as the object of men's passions" therefore to her lover she was just an object, but not just any object a rarity in Japan. She was not like the rest of the natives; she was Caucasian and therefore making her more exotic and consequently making the affair more passionate and exciting for her native lover.It seemed that this man had a great deal of lust for her, which she interpreted as love and so she loved him back. It was evident in the following that their relationship was just based on lust and passion and nothing else "We were living in a room furnished only by passion". She was caught up in the moment where denial and awareness were both present. Her thoughts when he was gone seem to be conscious of his misdeeds such as staying out late with friends, but she dared to wait for him as a loyal lover. Actions such as those led me to believe that she was denying herself the truth, she was very aware of the setting and their belief system in Japan. She knew that her lover was an outcome of those belief systems, but she continued to admire him even still. When she spoke of Momotaro it seemed that she was describing her lover, this devious but yet enchanting creature. And regardless of his unearthly quality she still did not want to let go as described in the following "I should have liked to have had him embalmed and been able to keep…


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