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Nast vs. Morgan: Grant vs. Greeley

The campaign for presidency in 1872 is often seen to be the most gruesome campaign in United States history.While Grant's administration was suffering from corruption, Greeley was simply a backup nominee for the Liberals.Both parties had political cartoonists to do their "mudslinging" for them.Grand had Thomas Nast and Greeley had Matt Morgan.Each inflicted serious damage Read more about Nast vs. Morgan: Grant vs. Greeley[…]

Nashville and its Origins

Initially the land that occupied Nashville, Tennessee, was nothing other than an outpost for French fur traders around 1717.Just over sixty years later, on Christmas day 1779, thefirst permanent settlement of non-natives arrived under the leadership of an Englishman named James Robertson, to a place called French Lick, as he had been granted authority to Read more about Nashville and its Origins[…]

Napoleons Rise to Power

"…By preserving many social gains of the Revolution while suppressing political liberty, he showed himself to be an heir of enlightened despotism." (Perry, pg. 499) A. Attended military school.Here he learned all the different types of techniques and strategies for war and how to be a good soldier or leader. B. Became an artillery officer.This Read more about Napoleons Rise to Power[…]

Napoleonic Europe

During the French Revolution, the people of France had witnessed many different forms of government- absolute monarchy, constitutional monarchy and a republic. Thus, as a key phase in any revolution, a dictatorship will arise who says he will meet the people's desperate needs. This was Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon rescued France from the toils of the Read more about Napoleonic Europe[…]


Did Napoleon preserve or pervert the gains of the Revolution Napoleon was indirectly responsible for spreading many of the ideals of the French Revolution throughout Europe. Although he never openly espoused revolutionary tenets his Empire and government was in many ways the living embodiment of those ideals. The three main areas that he had a Read more about Napoleon3[…]


Turning Point Title: Napoleon's Retreat from Moscow Place and Date of Event: June 22 1812 Napoleon and the Grande Arme invade Russia. December 18 1812 what is left of the Grande Arme make it back to Napoleon:Emperor of France who lead the French Arme and it's allies into Barclay de Tolly: Commanded 127,000 Russian troops Read more about Napoleon1[…]

Napoleon’s Noble Failure

The Noble Failure of Napoleon Bonaparte Napoleon’s reign ended in defeat and exile, and the largest empire since the height of the Roman Empire quickly disintegrated without its creator.In essence, Napoleon’s career can be seen as its overall conclusive state: a failure.By no means, however, can one consider his rule to be one of meekness Read more about Napoleon’s Noble Failure[…]


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