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Biography of Ernesto “Che” Guevara Youth. Born Ernesto Guevara on June 14th, 1928, he spent his life believing that his birth date was in fact a month later than that, due to his mother, Celia Lynch being three months pregnant when she married his father, also Ernesto. He was born an Argentine but was to Read more about che[…]

Chateau de Chinon

Chateau de Chinon Location Geography High upon a steep escarpment above the Vienne, a small branch of the great Loire River, emerge the battered but noble ruins of one of the oldest and most historic castles in France- Chinon. The city of Chinon is filled with lush green meadows and game filled forests, that from Read more about Chateau de Chinon[…]

Chartes Cathedral

Malcolm Miller, an English-speaking tour guide at the Chartes Cathedral states, "The Chartes Cathedral is a book.Its architecture is in the binding, and its stories are told through its windows and sculptures."The Chartes Cathedral held true to this statement through my research of this famous gothic cathedral.Located in the heart of a small, sleepy town Read more about Chartes Cathedral[…]

Charles X of France

When Charles X ascended the throne (1824) he was 67 years old.He had become bigoted and'set in his ways'.However, the people of France seemed to welcome his ascension due to their jealousy over the British Monarchy.Had Charles X perhaps been more accommodating to the needs of the'ordinary' people of France, or acted more subtly, his Read more about Charles X of France[…]

Charles Wilson Peale

from more than two years of study in London, schooled in the art of portraiture and in command of the artistic versatility that was to characterize his career. He introduced his children and his brother to the art of painting, and they, in turn, passed the heritage to succeeding generations. “For a full century the Read more about Charles Wilson Peale[…]

Charles Willard Moore –

Moore “mixed high architecture and high camp with gleeful abandon” (Filler 52). When he died in 1993 of a heart attack at age 68, friends and admirers praised his work and accomplishments saying that he left a “living legacy” in the thousands of architects he trained and inspired. He was also described as the most Read more about Charles Willard Moore –[…]

Charles Lindbergh

Charles Lindbergh was the perhaps the greatest hero of the 1920’s and was a symbol of the exploration and risk-taking of the era. Lindbergh’s claim to fame was doing something that many had tried and failed. Seeking a $25,000 prize offered by Franco-American philanthropist Raymond B. Orteig of New York City, Lindbergh set out on Read more about Charles Lindbergh[…]

Charles Lindbergh

Charles Lindbergh is known for his feat of flying solo in a nonstop flight across the Atlantic Ocean on May 20-21, 1927; He was thefirst man ever to complete the challenge.He immediately became internationally known and was idolized by many.During 1940s, he campaigned against American involvement in WWII and was gravely criticized.Is Charles Lindbergh an Read more about Charles Lindbergh[…]

Charles Kingsford Smith

Charles Kingsford Smith was born at Hamilton, Queensland 9th February 1897.Charles was the youngest of his six siblings, he was a small and energetic boy who would do anything for a dare and loved adventure. He was educated in Canada and Australia and graduated from Sydney Technical College as an Electrical Engineer at age 16. Read more about Charles Kingsford Smith[…]

Charles II

The life of Charles II was filled with dread, fear, and heartbreak.He was the eldest surviving child of Charles I and Henrietta Maria of France.Some say that he was the son of their true love.Charles II was born at St. James' Court.As a child, he was treated like a king.He had a wet nurse and Read more about Charles II[…]