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Martin Luther lived from 1483-1546. Luther was born on November 10, 1483 in Eisleben in the province of Saxony. His protestant view of Christianity started what was called the Protestant Reformation in Germany. Luther’s intentions were to reform the medieval Roman Catholic Church. But firm resistance from the church towards Luther’s challenge made way to Read more about zubori[…]

Zora Neale Hurston/The Innovative Woman

Zora Neale Hurston: The Innovative Woman Is Zora Neale Hurston the greatest writers/ anthropologists in the twentieth century? Will Hurston's contributions to the Harlem Renaissance be remembered forever? Many statistics show that Hurston's innovative mind helped her attain these standards, setting her apart from all the other writers. Hurston achieved her goals by writing about Read more about Zora Neale Hurston/The Innovative Woman[…]

zora neal hurston

In her 1928 essay, "How It Feels to be Colored Me," Zora Neale Hurston meticulously understates the hardships of being black.Among many occupations held by Hurston, she was that of an anthropologist who studied the origin, behavior, social, and cultural development of humans.Hurston was not justifying the stereotypes of being Colored.Throughout "How It Feels to Read more about zora neal hurston[…]

Zitkala Sa

During the time of western development in the 19th century of American history, the Sioux Nation was at the forefront of political aggression. Already forcing the Native American people onto cramped lands, the dominant white man began to turn to new solutions in order to kill the salvage and westernize the Indians.While it was obvious Read more about Zitkala Sa[…]


For at least two thousand years Jews were dispersed all over the world. Some of them inevitably assimilated with other nations. Yet many kept their identity as a nation by staying loyal to their religious faith and by their desire to survive as one people preserving common racial features and cultural traditions. Some European anti-Jewish Read more about Zionism[…]


Theodor Herzl was certainly not thefirst Jew to dream of Zion, but he nevertheless put the wheels in motion (Zionism 1). Zionism is the name given to the political and ideological creation of a Jewish national state. The rise of the Zionist movement in the late 19th century culminated in the creation of this state Read more about Zion[…]


Howard Zinn looks at not only the history of the conquerors, rulers, leaders; but also the history of the enslaved, the oppressed, and the led. Like any American history book covering the time period of 1942 until the early 1760's, what is said in thefirst chapter of A People's History tells the story of the Read more about Zinn[…]

Zinacantecos Indians

The Zinacantecos have changed moderately over time but their strong heritage and belief systems have been carried through to present times. The language has stayed intact over several thousand years mainly because of its importance in expressing their cosmology, which in essence is the main principle upon which they live their lives. They have adopted Read more about Zinacantecos Indians[…]

Zimmermann Note

Before the United States had entered World War I, Nationalism, Imperialism, Militarism, and the Alliance System were factors of the First World War.France, Great Britain, and Russia were known as the Triple Entente, Allies.Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire were called the Triple Alliance, also known as the Central Powers.The United States had declared it Read more about Zimmermann Note[…]

Zimbabwe Imperialism

Ever since the independence of Zimbabwe in 1980, it has become a violent, chaotic, and unstable country.Zimbabwe's President Mugabe is a tyrannical leader, murdering both black and white farmers while promising a “Commitment to restore the rule of law to the process of land reform.”Before Zimbabwe's independence, however, Britain ruled a pretty-much cooperative land, where Read more about Zimbabwe Imperialism[…]


Many years ago, groups of hunters organized together and lived inthe area now knownas Zimbabwe.Over time this group of hunters were slowly taken over by a morepowerful group of people called the Shona who spoke on of the many Bantu languages.The Shona moved in to Zimbabwe around the time of Christ.They raised livestock and farmed Read more about Zimbabwe[…]


A decision weighed intensely in the heart of every student, college is.The domicile inhabited for the four years lavished on college must be one that a student regards as comfortable.Carthage is a college with several attributes that impress upon a pupil.The opportunity of an alternative approach to learning, the options provided for courses, and the Read more about Zeus[…]


The Greek God I chose to research on is Zeus.Zeus is the god of the sky, god of justice and mercy, the protector of the weak, punisher of the wicked, and most importantly, ruler of the Olympian gods. Zeus was considered, according to Homer, the father of the gods and of mortals.He did not create Read more about Zeus[…]

Zakopane essay

Imagine walking up to lake Morskie oko in the boiling hot sun and stepping ina church that has stood way longer on this earth than your own two feet, that gathers invaluable information but can an adequate amount of this information be gained within the four walls of a classroom. For two weeks we studied Read more about Zakopane essay[…]

Youth Culture in the 60’s

During the decade of the 1960;s, the United States began to fully celebrate youth culture in a way that had only begun to brew in the 1950;s.Youth culture began to rise and was thrust into mainstream America because what was occurring was a widespread rebellion against the mass society occurring in young, college students. It Read more about Youth Culture in the 60’s[…]

Your recent article on corporate downsizing in the United St

The author seeks to contradict a recent newspaper article that – in her words -gave the impression that downsizing inflicted serious economic hardships on competent people. She cites a recent survey that claimed that a greater number of high paying jobs were created than the number of jobs lost to downsizing. She also mentions that Read more about Your recent article on corporate downsizing in the United St[…]

You Can’t kill hope

You Can;t Kill Hope A Fire You Can;t Put Out, by Andrew Manis, is a very detailed biography of Fred Shuttlesworth. The book highlights many events that took place during the Civil Rights movement and Shuttlesworth;s fight against segregation. The most significant issue presented, in my opinion, is Shuttlesworth;s strong-willed personality, which drove him to Read more about You Can’t kill hope[…]


The Battle of Yorktown was the climax of the Revolutionary War.The combined forces of George Washington, Admiral de Grasse, General Rochambeau, and General Lafayette were enough to converge on the largest concentration of British forces, overtake them and force a surrender. With planning, skill, and courage, the army was able to defeat the Generals Rochambeau Read more about YorkTown[…]

Yellow Journalism

Yellow journalism, or "yellow press", refers to an unethical, irresponsible brand of journalism given to hoaxes, altered photographs, screaming headlines, "scoops", frauds, and endless promotions of the newspapers themselves. This term wasfirst used in the 1890's to describe the competition between two rival New York City newspapers, the World, and the Journal. In 1883, Joseph Read more about Yellow Journalism[…]

Years of Change

Years of Change4. The hopes and dreams of the League of Nation were quite realistic, although they simply rushed into them to fast. First of all, they tried to maintain the Treaty of Versailles. This frustarated Germany from the start, because they felt as though their honor was robbed from them. Later on, the League Read more about Years of Change[…]

Yea Or Nay

Dear honorable gentleman, the strenuous road to full and virtuous independence has come to an ultimate crossroad.We, representing all New Yorkers, have been given the vital decision regarding the ratification of the proposed Constitution.We have pledged to promote what is best for our people, and the optimum way to proceed in this manner is by Read more about Yea Or Nay[…]