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Romeo and Juliet

Good morning Ms Spillane and fellow classmates. Act 1 scene 5 sees Tybalt furious about Romeo, Benvolio, and Mercutio being able to stay at the Capulet’s ball. Today through an interior monologue I will give you a better understanding of the thoughts going through Tybalt’s mind after the ball. I will explore Tybalt’s personality in Read more about Romeo and Juliet[…]

romeo and juliet

There has been a huge controversy about various types of art, such as performance, visual, fine, liberal, applied, and graphic arts, and what different affects they each have on society. Many say that certain types of art, such as song lyrics have a negative affect on society, promoting the use of drugs, profanity, and violence.However, Read more about romeo and juliet[…]

Romeo and Juliet

Widdicome says that in order for a play to be considered a tragedy that it must have certain characteristics. Romeo and Juliet have most of these if not all though some are harder to find in the play. Thefirst one that Widdicome mentions is that is must to multigeneric. Romeo and Juliet is a blend Read more about Romeo and Juliet[…]

Romeo and Juliet

Literary/Analytical Essay "Romeo and Juliet is a play about two silly, immature teenagers who lack common sense. Therefore, the play expresses the danger of a love in which two people become the whole world to one another." To what extent do you agree or disagree? The story of Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy. The Read more about Romeo and Juliet[…]

Romeo And JUliet

Why do Mercutio’s teasing speeches not bother Romeo? As the notes suggest, ll. 23-30 are a series of sexual puns comparing magic conjuration with sexual intercourse. This is the famous “Balcony Scene,” one of the most renowned in all of Shakespeare. But because of its romantic associations it is often misunderstood. Romeo’s passion for Juliet Read more about Romeo And JUliet[…]


Fate's Role in "Romeo and Juliet" In William Shakespeare's play, "The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet", fate plays one of the largest roles in the plot.In order to understand how fate plays a role it is important to examine how the story begins, when Romeo meets Juliet, and when Romeo fights Tybalt after Tybalt kills Read more about Romeo[…]

Romare Bearden

Romare Bearden is among the greatest artists of his generation. His complex and powerful works represent the places where he lived and worked: the rural North Carolina, the urban area of the northern cities, primarily Pittsburgh and New York’s Harlem, and the Caribbean island of St. Martin. Religious subjects and ritual practices, jazz clubs, and Read more about Romare Bearden[…]

Romanticism in rock

Imagine if you will a world where rock musicians were no longer the superstars that they are today.Instead of headlining tours, dating models and making millions of dollars musicians would surround themselves in fine art.Through study and a liberal arts education these rock musicians would become respected Romantic artists.Thus placing rock in the same categories Read more about Romanticism in rock[…]


Art comes in many forms.From the mind-boggling adventures of Surrealism to the beautiful landscapes of the Hudson River School, every genre of art has its own unique appeal.One of the most mystifying, emotional, and beautiful genres is Romanticism. The word romantic comes from 18th -century English, and originally meant "romance-like", referring to anything resembling fanciful Read more about Romanticism[…]