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allegory of the cave

Marriage is an ancient institution that binds people into the most basic of social groups, the family. Until the Council of Trent, in 1563, marriage in Europe was conducted in private with an exchange of vows, dowry and the physical consummation of the union, a common law marriage. After the Council of Trent, those Catholic Read more about allegory of the cave[…]

All The Shah’s Men and Iranian history

The national history of Iran is one marked by turmoil and conflict, due mostly in part to foreign influences.As the country grappled for self-rule under the leadership of Mossadegh, Britain and America each tried to intervene with different motives.In the aftermath of World War Two and the rise of American power coinciding with British imperial Read more about All The Shah’s Men and Iranian history[…]

All the presidents men

All the President's Men, by Carl Bernstein, is the actual story of how Bernstein and his colleague Bob Woodward broke the dramatic story that brought the downfall of President Richard Nixon.The Watergate scandal is one of the most devastating political detective stories of the century. The story begins with a burglary at the Democratic National Read more about All the presidents men[…]