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Billy the Kid

Not many figures in history are known as both heroes and outlaws, and still, even fewer go into legend. However, Billy the kid stuck both hatred and love in the hearts of America during his life and death. He was immortalized by the public, but feared by the law. Though his life was made up Read more about Billy the Kid[…]

Billington's "The Frontier and the American Character"

Historical interpretations are constantly being created, modified and refuted. One of the more controversial hypotheses in American history was put forth by Frederick Jackson Turner in what is known as "The Frontier Thesis". In the Frontier Thesis, Turner states that the American character was shaped by the constant availability of new land. This interpretation has Read more about Billington's "The Frontier and the American Character"[…]


William Henry Gates III was born in Seattle, Washington, in 1955. “Bill” was called “Trey” by his father, since “Trey” means three. Trey was always smart, and always loved even the earliest computers he could get his hands on. He went to a public school atfirst, and made a few friends there. He was pushing Read more about BillGates[…]

Bill of Rights

Impressment – the british practice of seizing seamen from American merchant ships and forcing them to serve in the british navy. Impressment was one of the causes of the war of 1812. Bill of Rights – thefirst ten amendments to the u.s. constitution, which protect the rights of individuals from the powers of the government. Read more about Bill of Rights[…]

Bill of rights

How have the Protections of the Bill of Rights been developed and expanded? In the landmark case Reynolds vs. Sims, the Supreme Court declared: "Especially since the right to exercise the franchise in a free and unimpaired manner is preservative of the other basic civil and political rights, any alleged infringement of the right of Read more about Bill of rights[…]

bill of rights

The English and American Bill of Rights are similar and different in many ways, their main fall off from one another is their background and main intentions that were used in these documents.The English Bill of Rights like the American had certain rules or laws that were used, but these laws were mainly for royalty Read more about bill of rights[…]

Bill C-36: Canada

In response to the terrorist attacks in New York on September 11 2001, the government of Canada has proposed new anti-terrorism legislation known as Bill C-36. It is clear that Bill C-36 challenges many rights and freedoms that are protected under the Charter we as Canadians value so highly. This bill consists of several changes Read more about Bill C-36: Canada[…]

Big Bills Battle

Big Bill's Battle Gwynne McCauley November 14, 2001 English 3-W Big Bill Haywood (1869-1928) was one of the most radical, determined, and influential labor leaders of his time. He was sent by his mother to work in the mines at the mere age of nine, and thus started his life-long battle for the rights of Read more about Big Bills Battle[…]