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One of the most overlooked and sometimes forgotten countries of Europe is the country of Portugal, formally known as the Portuguese republic.It is one of the world's most underestimated treasures, full of tradition and history.In the United States, Portuguese immigrants are a minority, unless one found themselves in West Warwick, Rhode Island or in New Read more about Portugal[…]

Porfiero Diaz

José de la Cruz Porfirio Diaz (15 September 1830 – 2 July 1915) was a dictator who ruled Mexico from 1876 until 1911 (with the exception of one single four-year period). Diaz was born in the city of Oaxaca, Mexico. He was a Mestizo, of Mixtec Indian and Spanish ancestry. An army officer with humble Read more about Porfiero Diaz[…]

Populist Movement

The Populist movement of the late nineteenth century was largely due to the discontentment of rural America. Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats addressed the rural distress sufficiently enough to encourage the farmers of the West and South to join their party. If the strangling grip of the railroads and manufacturers was to be broken, Read more about Populist Movement[…]

populist movement

The Populist movement has been unwaveringly crowned the single most massive democratic movement in the history of America. It represents a legion of millions of Southern and Western farmers during the last several decades of the nineteenth century. This massive group was a revolt against the two major political parties and the exclusive, oppressive industrialist Read more about populist movement[…]

Populist and Progressives

The Populists and Progressive were form of movement that occurred during the outbreaks of the workers union after the civil war.The populists began during the late 1800s.The progressive began during the 1900s. There are many differences between these two movements, but yet these movements have many things that are similar. Farmers united to protect their Read more about Populist and Progressives[…]


During the late nineteenth century, the agrarian movement evolved into a political force that energized American farmers to voice their political and economic grievances like never before. Although the movement essentially died after William Jennings Bryan’s loss of the 1896 Presidential election, many of the reforms they fought for were eventually passed into law. American Read more about Populism[…]

Population Growth 1750-1830

In this essay we are going to consider the population growth from 1750-1830. The basis for the material is taken from the “Macmillan Series, Mastering Economic and Social History” written by David Taylor. In his book, Taylor gives several reasons as to why the population increased between 1750-1830. He argues that the practice of living-in Read more about Population Growth 1750-1830[…]


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