Part one: the storm

At the headquarters of the Louisiana National Guard, located in the lower 9th ward, the soldiers were not yet aware that the canal levees were giving way. The Guard’s commander was monitoring the situation from Baton Rouge. He was given misleading information. 3. Why were rescue efforts hampered in the first 24 hours? They were Read more about Part one: the storm[…]

The Storm

Elise seems to have unfulfilled sexual desires, hence her attraction to the tinker. As she speaks to him about the stars at night, her description is almost pornographic. “Every pointed star gets driven into your body. ” “Hot and sharp and- lovely. ” As she kneels before him in the garden, her hand extends out Read more about The Storm[…]

The Stormy Night

The stormy night The gray clouds had been threatening to rain all day, but it was only as she left work that it started to rain. The past few days had been horrible. She didn’t get a promotion at work and the only things she did gain were more hours and late nights. When she Read more about The Stormy Night[…]

Eye of The Storm

Anticipatory set: a. Review key vocabulary words and their definitions with students. Perceived Objective and Rationale: a. “As we are reading this book, I want you to pay special attention to vocabulary words that we have just talked about. I think that by seeing the words in context we will get an even better feel Read more about Eye of The Storm[…]

Ann Putnam

The young Ann Putnam was the daughter of Thomas Putnam and Ann Putnam, Sir. She is listed in every account as one of the “afflicted girls” and her name appears over 400 times in the court documents. She was twelve years old venue the Salem Witch Trials began in 1692. By the time they were Read more about Ann Putnam[…]


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