Mythology was the way that the Greek and Roman's explained the unexplainable.Perseus is a legend in Greek mythology for his great roll in the beheading of the impious medusa. The great tail of Perseus begins 2 generations before he was born.It started when his grandfather Acrisius, king of Argos a Greek isle.Acrisius had a daughter Read more about persus[…]


Have you ever driven down the road in some town somewhere and saw a person wearing different clothes than you or selling their cultural arts and crafts, that are unusual to you, but not to them? Have you wondered where they "got" that idea from, or who "taught" them that? I'm talking about a person's Read more about Persuation[…]

Persuasive Paragragh

Students should be required to complete all twelve grades of school. This would benefit the students to finish their education because they would become smarter and more skillful.By being smarter and more skillful, these students would most likely continue onto college to learn a professional job. This way they would have more opportunities open to Read more about Persuasive Paragragh[…]

Personal Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass

Slavery was a negative thing for the whole of American society; Men, women, and families alike.No one person or sex was worse off than the other.Slavery was a horrible monstrosity for mankind.What I am about to tell you was found in the personal narrative of Frederick Douglass.Douglass hasfirst hand knowledge of these unethical crimes against Read more about Personal Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass[…]

Personal Interests

Society today is– something to be desired.It's all about looking for that number one, in other words, yourself. Too put it simply, society today doesn't care if people are starving and homeless, we care about if we ourselves are starving and homeless.Although the ancient Greek philosophers believed that all citizens consider the common good when Read more about Personal Interests[…]

Persian War

The Persian Gulf War was just one in a string of wars in and near the region.On September 1980, Iraq launched a major war against Iran. This warwent on until1988, and proved one of the deadliest of the century. The war had over a million casualties. And in many ways, this war set the stage Read more about Persian War[…]

persian war

A long time ago Croesus the king of Lydia took over the Greek colonies on the east coast of Asia Minor (Turkey).Croesus was a kind and fair ruler so the Greeks did not really mind. But around 546 BC King Croesus and his empire was overthrown by Cyrus the Great About fifty years later Asia Read more about persian war[…]

Persian policy

The Persians use a divide an conquer method to control the Greeks which comes about accidently. The satraps play a role in the method of dividing the Greek due toconflicts with one another. With the Persians assistance the Spartans are able to raise a navy and finally claim victory over the Athenians. As the Spartan Read more about Persian policy[…]

Persian Jews

Paradise, a term meaning a place or condition of beauty or happiness, is a good term to describe the times when the Jews of Iran were prospering.During the sixth century B.C.E., King Nebucchadnezzar of Babylon conquered Judea and exiled the Jews to surrounding regions.This marked the start of the Jews in Iran, and history shows Read more about Persian Jews[…]


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