Middle East Conflict: Issues Between Israel and the Palestinians

The situation in the Middle East represents one of the most important international conflicts since the end of the Second World War. The ongoing disputes related to the existence of a Jewish state at the expense of the Palestinian people has drawn the attention of the international community which has been trying for more than Read more about Middle East Conflict: Issues Between Israel and the Palestinians[…]

Mexican Revolution

One of the reasons why the Mexican Revolution lasted far longer than either the American or French revolutions that preceded it was because there were so many different groups, led by so many varied, charismatic and influential leaders who each hailed from a different geographical area of Mexico, and who seemed to each have different Read more about Mexican Revolution[…]

Medieval Times

People tend to view medieval times as a period where we learned to live in towns and cities and to be comfortable with a life where technology had not yet become a dominant force.It is sometimes romanticized in movies as a time when people were closer to nature and lived more simply. As a generalization Read more about Medieval Times[…]


In the United States, decade following World War II should have been an era of prosperity and peace.After all, the Great Depression that had pervaded the 1920s through the 1930s was over.The United States had emerged victorious from the war.The country’s position as a military superpower was rapidly being solidified by its emerging economic might. Read more about McCarthyism[…]

Materialism in America

We are all materialistic, to one extent or another; but what are our motives when we pursue our materialism? Are we working towards happiness in our lives? Are we letting materialism become the most important part of our lives? Are there any emotional aspects of too much materialism? Through the American philosophy we learn that Read more about Materialism in America[…]

Mask of Command

A) What is the subject of the book’ John Keegan’s Mask of Command examines the unique status of the war general as he is perceived in a variety of historical and cultural settings. As war is a hallmark of all cultures, Keegan points to the universality of the general’s persona. However, the author does not Read more about Mask of Command[…]

Manipulating the Masses: The Iraq War and the Emergence of Totalitarian Democracy

The theory of government does not always match the realities of the exercise of power.America's leaders today are fond of reminding us all – American and foreign citizens alike – that the United States is the world's greatest democracy.By "greatest," of course, they mean most democratic, and not most powerful, in the sense of strongest Read more about Manipulating the Masses: The Iraq War and the Emergence of Totalitarian Democracy[…]


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