The Iraq War

Since 1979, the Iraqi people have been living under a tyrant.The dictator (Saddam Hussein) took over as the President of Iraq after persuading the current leader Al-bakr to step down.The Iraqis' had no idea how their way of life would change over the next thirty years.Saddam led his country with little sympathy towards two of Read more about The Iraq War[…]

The Ionic Order

Temples, palaces and other buildings make use of columns and entablatures as decoration and minimalist structure.Columns are vertical, cylindrical structures that help support the entablature.An entablature is a horizontal beam, consisting of several segments, that attaches to the pediment surrounding the gable of a temple.The combination of a column and entablature is known as an Read more about The Ionic Order[…]

The invention of the Airplane

Orville and Wilbur Wright invented the Airplane onThursday, December 17, 1903. These two brother's change history forever. Because of there great deal of passion and motivation we could travel at a faster speed all over the world. Of course that many inventions have there advantages and disadvantages. The airplane had and still has many ups Read more about The invention of the Airplane[…]

The instability in Israel

The subject that I will be focussing on is: Why has there been instability in Israel from its formation in 1948 to present day. This question can be broken down into several key areas: The Balfour Declaration of 1917; The creation of Israel; The subsequent four wars; Egyptian-Israeli peace talks; Turmoil in Lebanon and 90's Read more about The instability in Israel[…]

The Inner Conflict

"The Inner Conflict" After the colonists in America decided that they were going to attempt a move towards freedom from British rule, they found them selves in a little bit of a "crisis."One of the more serious problems was that the British might try to invade, and stomp out such a revolution. This was no Read more about The Inner Conflict[…]

The Influence of War on Music

War is perceived by government as a means of solution between opposing nations.Since differences of opinion cause war, of course there will be differing opinions about war.A person in a country, whether directly or indirectly involved, must adept their ways of life according to the war.This could mean adapting to meet the needs of the Read more about The Influence of War on Music[…]


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