Throughout the years, decades and centuries of the world's tragic history, there is one specific event that is crucial and substantial to the development and outcome of how society is today- the Holocaust and Nazi Germany.It is a widely known fact that Adolf Hitler started the Holocaust during World War II (In the 1930s); but Read more about Nazisim[…]

Nazis in the World Today

One of the most memorable and significant events in history is the holocaust that was caused by Nazis prejudices.The results from Nazi prejudices were the torture and deaths of thousands of people.The effects from their actions caused many problems for the world and violated the natural rights of thousands of Jews. On February 10, 2001, Read more about Nazis in the World Today[…]

Nazis in German Society

The Nazi's perceived the Jewish community and other "non-Aryan" groups deviant and outsiders of the German society.If you were a "true" German, AdolphHitler believed you should hate these people with a vengeance.The Jewish community made up a great percentage of Germany at the time Hitler and his totalitarianism began to make face.Hitler, obviously a racist, Read more about Nazis in German Society[…]


Federation of Klans, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.The Ferderation of Klans was formed in April 1994 by Chicagoen Ed Novak following his defection from the Knights of the KKK.Though originally making significant inroads among Klansmen at the start of his defection, Novak has engaged in little organizing since 1994, and today Federation of Klans Read more about Nazis[…]


Nazi Germany demonstrates the consequences of an hostile nation. Adolf Hitler(1889-1945) a powerful German dictator of the twenty century brought Germany to it's down Adolf was born to Klara and Aloise Hitler He was the fourth child. The family was not poverty-stricken by any means. His father was an important figure in Austria, he worked Read more about Nazim[…]

Nazi Siezure of Power

Frustration with a current administration, or concern with ones present state in society provides a strong foothold for new ideas to develop, grow and be heard. The Nazi Seizure of Power perfectly illustrates the prevailing reasons for Nazi dominance in a complex community of 4,700 inhabitants. It also serves as a relatively sized scale to Read more about Nazi Siezure of Power[…]

Nazi Rule :Terror

 Nazi Rule Nazism held total control over Germany from 1933 – 1939. The Nazis dominated the everyday life of ordinary people and made it impossible for people to escape the influence of Nazism in their work, their family life, and in their thinking. Although Hitler and the Nazis did bring some prosperity to Germany Read more about Nazi Rule :Terror[…]

Nazi Propaganda: the Manipulation of a Vulnerable Society

Nazi Propaganda: the Manipulation of a Vulnerable Society In the city of Munich during July of 1918, a newspaper, the Münchener Beobachter, established the beginnings of what would become one of the central elements exploited by Germany in World War II-propaganda (Sington and Weidenfeld 1).Rudolf von Sebottendorf bought the Münchener Beobachter and used it to Read more about Nazi Propaganda: the Manipulation of a Vulnerable Society[…]

nazi propaganda

How did the Nazis ensure that the changes made during the 1930s had a constant public support? Why did they think this support is necessary? The Nazis ensured the changes made during the 1930s had constant public support is by a number of reasons. Germany, being a totalitarian state, used methods to control the population. Read more about nazi propaganda[…]


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