Ever since I was a child I remember adults saying to me "treat others as you would like to be treated."However you need only turn on your television to learn that so many people do not follow this golden rule.Prejudice should be eradicated from society because it only stands in the way of our world's Read more about Predjudice[…]

Pre-contact Era

Human beings existed in the world long before they reached the western hemisphere.Around 240 million years ago, pangea a singlecontent seperated.As a result North and South America drifted away, leaving behind large bodies of water.These bodies of water seperated this once whole land mass into seven different contents. This process of continental drift left the Read more about Pre-contact Era[…]

Pre Civil War

Slavery was the dominating reality of all southern life from about 1840-1860. Social and economical aspects of Southern life can validate this generalization. Socially, the elite people who owned large farms for planting the cash crop relied on slave labor, which caused them to obtain more slaves. Economically, southerners profited from the slaves because of Read more about Pre Civil War[…]

Practical vs. Theoretical

Alexis de Tocqueville was born into a noble French family in 1805.After swearing his allegiance to the new government of France, he and a friend, Gustave de Beaumont, sought and received an assignment to study prison systems in the United States. After his arrival in May of 1831, Tocqueville made some of the cleverest, most Read more about Practical vs. Theoretical[…]

Powers of the Constitution

By the late 1780's many Americans had grown dissatisfied with the Confederation.It was unable to deal effectively with economic problems and weak in the face of Shay's Rebellion.A decade earlier, Americans had deliberately avoided creating a strong national government.Now they reconsidered.In 1787, the nation produced a new constitution and a new, much more powerful government Read more about Powers of the Constitution[…]

Power of the Presidency

During the twentieth century, the power of the presidency would grow very much.This came as a result of the actions of a few men that were some of the best leaders in the history of the United States.They were men that knew what they wanted to accomplish and how they wanted to do it.Their drive Read more about Power of the Presidency[…]

Power Corrupts

Corruption is directly proportionate to the greed for power, and Napoleon, being a sly, selfish and witty pig, became more or less a despotic dictator of Animal Farm, who endorsed Lord Acton's words, "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely". Through his use of actions, language and relationships, Napoleon became corrupt and started to take Read more about Power Corrupts[…]


In a striking study of life at Union POW camps during the Civil War, Philip Burnham creates little doubt that the Union was as brutal as the Confederacy. Burnham uses the collection of memoirs made by two separate Confederate prisoners held captive in northern camps to illustrate the harsh conditions that existed during the span Read more about POW[…]


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