The kinship system is bases upon two things the dynamic principles and the resultant social phenomena in three different categories.The categories are the territorial kinship, the descent group kinship, and the terminological kinship. For the territorial kinship the main goal was for exploitation of the land coalescence of houses.This formed the segmentation of kinship groups Read more about Zulu[…]

zing heil

Marilyn Manson, The Beatles, NWA, Garth Brooks, and the king, Elvis, What do all these people have in common? Well, yes, they are all musical groups, but there is something more. Marilyn Manson is a heavy metal group who worships Satan, the Beatles were one of the greatest Rock N' Roll bands of all time, Read more about zing heil[…]

Zimbabwe Country Analysis

I. Brief discussion of history- The United Kingdom annexed Rhodesia (later changed to Zimbabwe) from the South Africa Company in 1923. A 1961 constitution was formulated to keep the white race in power. In 1965 the government unilaterally declared its independence, but the United Kingdom did not recognize the act and demanded voting rights for Read more about Zimbabwe Country Analysis[…]

Yugoslavia-War and Peace

The U.S. has a very important job throughout the world.Not only does the government and the military have an important job, but the people do also.As citizens of the U.S., we are talked about around the world about our freedom of speech.Some countries don't approve of our ways, but it is our choice.And on the Read more about Yugoslavia-War and Peace[…]


After World War I there was a controversy over the Balkan region.The countries that supported the allies wanted more land and to unify the region.Yugoslavia was the name that came up and it was made up of Serbia and southern parts of Austria-Hungary.Italy did not want Yugoslavia to gain lands or power but after a Read more about Yugoslavia[…]


"Throughout history, the Balkans have been a crossroads, zone of endless military, cultural, and economic mixing and clashing between Europe and Asia, Christianity and Islam, Catholicism and Orthodoxy.Subject to violent shifts of borders, rulers and belief systems at the hands of the world's greatest empires- the Balkans are often called Europe's tinderbox and a seething Read more about Yugoslavia[…]

Youth in Germany

What is it like, to be young in Germany today? Many kids and young adults seem to be without any perspective for their future. They are disillusioned and frustrated. But is it really that bad? I don't think so. Of course, in some cases things are worse and therefore I am going to have a Read more about Youth in Germany[…]

XiaoDouzi and Huanhuan

"Xiaodouzi", the name of a little dog, means "a little bean" in Chinese; while "Huanhuan", is the name of a big cat, meaning pleasure. They are two sweethearts of my mother-in-law. Since her two sons left for Canada, they have been wiping out her loneliness. Besides the different meaning of their names, they differ in Read more about XiaoDouzi and Huanhuan[…]

World Message

Can a global message be created? The answer is positive. Because of the globalization, a world message is demanded by "the citizens on the earth", and also, human beings are really intelligent enough to be creative on a world-wide slogan or message. However, there are still some predictable barriers in the way of the creation Read more about World Message[…]

Womens Rights in Afghanistan

On September 27, 1996, the Taliban seized control of the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul, and violently plunged the occupied territories of Afghanistan into a brutal state of gender apartheid in which women and girls have been stripped of their basic human rights("The Taliban & Afghan Women" 1).In 1997, Taliban Deputy Foreign Minister Sher Abbas Stanakzai Read more about Womens Rights in Afghanistan[…]

Women in Nazi Germany

Amidst millenniums, women have been portrayed as society's weakest link. During Hitler's reign, women once again were reminded that they were subject to humanity's oppressive ideals. The Nazi ideology saw women as inferior to men. According to Goebbels (propaganda minister), a woman's primary, rightful, and appropriate place is in the family, and the most wonderful Read more about Women in Nazi Germany[…]

William Faulkners Spotted Horses and Mule in the Yard

"Spotted Horses" and "Mule in the Yard" are two short stories by William Faulkner that deal with comedic animal chases.Although both provide entertaining examples of Faulkner's work in very similar settings, on the scale of literary value, "Spotted Horses" rises above "Mule in the Yard" in depth and insight. This superiority is result of both Read more about William Faulkners Spotted Horses and Mule in the Yard[…]

Why I live in Sydney

Sydney is one of the world’s great cities. Sydney, regarded as the cultural and financial heart of Australia, has one quarter of the country’s population living in its metropolitan area. These 4 million residents are made up of people from the widest ethnic backgrounds, and the number is still increasing. Every year, thousands of people Read more about Why I live in Sydney[…]

Why do organizations continue

The world economy is moving away from the traditional economic system, where national markets were considered as distinct entities, towards a modern economic system where the national markets are merging into one huge global market. Therefore, as the development in the international business environment are forcing companies to think of the world as one vast Read more about Why do organizations continue[…]

Whats in a Name

As an American citizen one is identified by a name, a social security number, a driver's license number, and perhaps even a birthday.However, there is something else much more important in defining the individual; culture.The beliefs, customs, rituals, and even surroundings of each culture is unique and serves as a very defining aspect to any Read more about Whats in a Name[…]

What is a Crime in Canada

The definition of a law is to be any action, which Parliament has decided to be criminal. Parliament decides to declare certain actions criminal because, through its legislation, it reflects the conditions and wishes of society. The Federal Law Reform Commission, in its report "Our Criminal Law," suggests that for a certain action to be Read more about What is a Crime in Canada[…]

What Dreams May Come

Gender Stereotypes, An Epidemic For Most Americans? Gender stereotyping is a problem even today in the twenty- first century.For example, there are still disputes on women's rights dating back to the late eighteen hundreds, though many accomplishments have been achieved in this ongoing battle.Since then, women have been able to vote, own property, and operate Read more about What Dreams May Come[…]