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It is ridiculous that in times such as these, women are not being recognized for their artwork.In the movie, Dennis Reid highlighted the fact that only 8% of the artwork in museums is that of women.It is possible that the old ways of male superiority have not completely died in the art world, but it Read more about Women Artists[…]

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women and shopping

There has always been a lot of interest in what actually goes on at an Ann Summers Party. Particularly by men… I wonder why? Well, it's really no big secret. You organise for a bunch of women to be sitting comfortably in a friend's home, with a glass of wine in one hand and a Read more about women and shopping[…]

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The fashion industry makes up a large part of our economy.Tenbillion dollars a year is spent on cosmetics and skin-care productsalone.Some may think that these fashions and products help raise the self-esteem of women and make them more successful.However,success is not based on appearance.We are judged by our hard workand achievements.Women’s fashion and cosmetics serve Read more about Women[…]

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Anthropologists have investigated and discussed religion and society for years.These two elements have been the focus of numerous ethnographies and articles written by a variety of anthropologists.Since Levy-Bruhl and Durkheims statements that religion and society are varied, numerous reports on various cultures throughout the world have shown the close relationship between religion and society.In many Read more about Witchcraft[…]

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Winslow Homer’s Breezing Up

Winslow Homer;s Breezing Up (A Fair Wind) Winslow Homer;s Breezing Up, located on the West Main Floor in Gallery 68 of the National Gallery of Arts, perfectly captures the beauty and splendor of nature and innocence. The painting, which was completed after three years of work in 1876, is displayed among the works of other Read more about Winslow Homer’s Breezing Up[…]

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In the Abernathy Room of Starr Library are a half dozen sack-back style Windsor Chairs. The sack-back name comes from the original tendency to cover the back of this chair with a sack to prevent winter breezes from penetrating through the spindles. These chairs are not originals but are reproductions of chairs originally made in Read more about WindsorChair[…]

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