Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture

It was in 1987 when John Zachman decided to putforwardhis Zachman
Framework for Enterprise Architecture’. In his own words hesaid”tokeep
architecture is becoming less of an option and more of anecessity.”Thus,
with this understanding, he decided to move ahead with the idea ofcreating
the Zachman Framework. Zachman Framework is anassociationofinformation
Architecture within the company’s ranks in the economic scenario oftoday’s
world. This paper studies the Zachman Framework for EnterpriseArchitecture
and decides as to how this framework is playing a significantroleinthe
alignment and integration of a corporate business.
Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture
Zachman Framework’s mission is basically toharnessandpromotethe
interchange of knowledge as well as experience in theuse,execution,and
promotion of the Zachman Framework forEnterpriseArchitecture.Itwould
not be wrong here tostatethatthisframeworkismostlyemployedin
influence from the classic principles of architecture,whichconstitutea
composite and elaborate enterprise systems.Thisinstigationismirrored
directly in the clique of rules and regulations that superintend anordered
set of relationships which areonthewholebothbalancedaswellas
If ZachmanFrameworkistakenintoconsiderationwhenacompany
decides to design a system, the architectcanbeatpeacewhenhehas
security of cleanliness within the designaswellasitbeingeasyto
understand foroneandall,balanced,


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