Youth, a cherished period in one’s whole life, is often commended by scholars and poets. As early as the last century, Hiller, the famous German poet once said that the most important thing in one’s life is to be loyal to his dream in youth. But why youth and what is the youth indeed? The author of this elegant piece of article clearly explains to us that youth is not simply judged by how old you are, but instead by your mood and by your attitude towards life.
At the beginning of the article, the author points out the traditional view of youth: rosy cheeks, red lips and supple knees. It is true that all these exist when you are young but in the end they will definitely disappear with the age passing. However, in the following the author quickly gives us a sharp contrast towards this kind of traditional view by pointing out that youth is not a time of life but a state of mind, a matter of the will, a quality of imagination, a vigor of the emotions, the freshness of the deep springs of life. With the parallelism the author shows us his view towards youth and that is what youth really is.
Then the author tells us the most important thing in youth, without which one will feel old though it is likely that he is only 20, physically considered young. A tempera-mental predominance of courage over timidity, the appetite for adventure over the love of ease, the spirit of chasing his dream and never give up, all these are regarded as the symptoms of youth. Nobody grows old merely by a number of years; they just grow old by deserting their ideals and then lose the courage and spirit to face the never-stop-changing world.
Confidence, the indispensable factor in the life, also plays a very important and positive role in one's course of keeping young. As the old Chinese saying goes, the confidence is the source of all one's power. Without it one may be afraid of any failure and therefore fails to make any try and gradually dies with


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