Yasmin almonte lantz’s herstory

Red is the predominant color in all of Yasmin Almonte-Lantz;s works. This is because she believes that ;Red is blood, red is life, red is death, red is love, red is violence, red is passion.; And truly, all her works reflect much about life from a woman;s perspective. In almost all her paintings, women are made as subjects. For example, in the piece Herstory, we know right away from the title that the subject is a ;her;; a woman. It is also part of her feminism that she depicts women in her paintings as beautiful objects. I especially love the vivid details she puts into the women in her pieces. Although most are in their birthday suits, I understand this method to be a portrayal of the beauty and innocence, innate in every woman.
Fromfirst glance, and without knowing the title of Almonte-Lantz;s painting, one would immediately notice the predominant color, red, being used as a background, which looks like some sort of fire. Then there are three images: a puppet, and a kneeling woman, both bounded together by a red ribbon. However, at a closer look, one could see another feminine figure, blending among the flames. Her face is undefined because of the absence of facial features such as the eyes and mouth, but she does, however have a nose. Also, she is positioned upside down. The painting, with its colors, and characters, is a scary sight. Thefirst thing that I saw upon looking at the painting was agony. The characters looked real and imposing, as if they were in hell. The overall effect was that the subjects of the painting are falling into the fiery abyss. And what I saw from the faces of the subjects was a look of pleasure, yet one of immense pain at the same time. For instance, the puppet and the kneeling woman in the painting had eyes. However, the more I look at it, the more they seem to be hollow slots without eyeballs. The features of the kneeling woman projected a hint of


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