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In Sarah Giller's article, "Graffiti: Inscribing Transgression on the urban landscape", she asserts her views on the topic of graffiti.Giller believes that graffiti is an art of letters that beautifies the urban landscape, even though others argue graffiti is a society defacing crime that needs to be stopped immediately.Graffiti is an arrangement of illicit marks attempting to establish some sort of coherent composition.Such marks are made by an individual or individuals (not generally professional artists) upon a wall or other surface that is usually visually accessible to the public. There are three different styles of graffiti, tags, throw-ups, and, pieces. Tags are names quickly composed on practically any surface and hold the least amount of credibility.Throw-ups are names that can be quickly done in bubble letters overlapping each other and hold a higher amount of credibility than tags.Lastly, pieces, are the most elaborate and involved style of graffiti, combining words with figures over a great amount of space to create the most admired type of graffiti.Giller explains that the motive of the teens is to establish a name which sets them apart form other writers.The name of a writer is a self-choosen name or term fixed on how the writer wants to be noticed by his peers.By bombing (writing on) as many sites as possible an individual gains the recognition and respect of other writers.Despite the overwhelming popularity of graffiti amongst teens, the general public views graffiti as a disrespectful sign of vandalism.Giller illustrates in her article that government officials have made unbelievable efforts to obliterate this problem; however, the effort exerted by city officials to assail against graffiti has been pitifully ineffective. Giller views graffiti as an art of letters and beautification of the landscape, I only partially agree with Giller; I believe some graffiti is an…


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