Woyzeck, I thought all in all was a quite a dry play, regarding its plot and movement. The only really interesting aspect was that of some of the actors, namely "Captain" played by William Heafer and Karl played by Sean Connealy.
William did a wonderful job playing the part of Captain. From thefirst moments that I saw him in the background he looked like a powerful character and individual. Just his look, the way his hair was sleekly combed unlike the others, and the way even his make-up was applied, especially to his lips. His lips were quite dark and gave us a sort of reason to always stare at this mouth and pay attention to what he is saying. During thefirst scene with him, when the whole cast is at the fair and amusing at the "horseman" and such, we see Captain in the background, solemnly sitting there, not too interested in what is happening. He is the only one in the crowd that displays maturity and neglect for childish games. And once again William Heafer plays this part out magnificently with frowning looks, and awkward glances.
The next scene that we see Captain in is where Woyzeck is shaving his face. Captain shows command over Woyzeck and complete control over the situation, while also providing Woyzeck with a means for his life. William plays this out by always creating a perfect posture and clean and crisp dialect, which is part of his character.
One of the last scenes with Captain, is when he is talking with the Doctor. He arrives on stage in replacement of Woyzecks presence, which is a shock to the Doctor. Williams look through this scene is completely cold and stone-faced, it is simply wonderful to see him portray this character, his body language and face were perfect for it.
The second actor that I would like to talk about is "Karl" played by Sean Connealy. This actor, as I have seen in other plays is a complete comedy riot. Sean gets cast for all of the comedy rel…


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