World of Things

"World of Things"

Kamisaka Sekka (1866–1942) is credited as one of the greatest Japanese artists in the history of Japanese art. He was the ultimate teacher of native style art in Japan. This style is known as Rimpa. Sekka was known for his work in various medias such as lacquer design, painting, textiles, ceramics, furniture and woodblock-printed books. He helped with the development of modern Japanese art.
An extraordinary Japanese painting that I would like to describe to you is the Kamisaka Sekka Momoyogusa (World of Things). This painting came from a set of three albums of Kamisaka Sekka. It ranges from the years 1866- 1942. This is a woodblock print made with ink and colors on white paper. This particular painting shows three Japanese women with traditional clothing known as kimonos. Kimonos are made out of silk and are worn for formal or traditional occasions. The three women in this painting appear to be in a dancing ritual lined up. The women appear to be moving on the paper. The women have a flow like appearance. Sekka accomplished this with the location of the women. He did not line them up exactly next to them.
Thefirst woman on the left has a lime green hat that covers her entire face. The hat has designs that are made with hatched lines. There also appears to be a small floral design on the hat. The shape of the hat is circular and bent into a taco shape. Her kimono is red with decorations on the sleeves, v-shaped collar and the bottom portion. Thedesigns on her kimono are triangular with the triangles ranging in different colors like brown, gray, white, green and a purple. Her long sleeves also have a floral design that is also red. The women also appears to have brown sandals and a wide black belt around her waist. She is positioned in a dance like mode behind the second women in the painting.
The second woman that appears on this painting is also dressed in a traditional kimono. Her short…

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