Women impact on jazz music

As the progression of jazz has moved over time, Women have stepped in and made a huge, positive impact in many different ways.
Bessie Smith was one of the United States most amazing female jazz artists ever performing. Her life started off hard. Her family lived in poverty. Lack of money didn't stop Bessie. She started off in small "honky tonk" tents, (SOURCE NUMBER TWO) and singing on street corners. As time progressed she moved up in the life and worked as a dancer, She also showed a "natural flair for comedy" (Smith, Bessie Microsoft Encarta 2001)
Finally, In February 16, 1923 her big break came when she had herfirst recording session. She recorded two songs, Down hearted blues and Gulf coast blues (SOURCE NUMBER THREE). After that, Bessie career really began to move along when in 1929, she stared in a reel film "St. Louis Blues". This was during the Great Depression, when most people needed money, Bessie was doing just fine.
Once Bessie's name was known, she had the opportunity to perform at many wonderful locations. One of the most notable was New York's 52nd street in February 1936. Bunny Benigan and Joe Buskin backed Bessie. (SOURCE NUNBER TWO)
As Bessie's professional life progressed, her personal life did as well. She was married to a man named Jack Gee and adopted one son, they named Jack Gee Jr. Her career started to get the best of her and she began to have problems with alcohol


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