Women Artists

It is ridiculous that in times such as these, women are not being recognized for their artwork.In the movie, Dennis Reid highlighted the fact that only 8% of the artwork in museums is that of women.It is possible that the old ways of male superiority have not completely died in the art world, but it is time that they do.It is obvious that women are able to create art that is equally worthy of the attention received by the other gender.
It is surprising to me that there exists only one museum in the world that is entirely devoted to the work of women artists.The Museum of Woman Art should in fact be one of many of its kind.Throughout the film, we viewed several incredibly talented women such as, Emily Carr, Mary Pratt, Joyce Weiland, and Doris McArthy, who deserve to have their work placed in highly regarded museums.
I was shocked by the story Doris McArthy told of her troubles receiving a membership into The Ontario Society of Artists.Even though she had had her work in the group's exhibition for 3 years in a row, she was still denied membership due to the fact that she was "young."Doris believes the only reason she was denied the honor was because she was a women.Many of the women depicted in the film tell similar stories of their hardships of being accepted into the art world.
It was disappointing to not see the conclusion of the film during class.I am interested to learn if the art world is now accepting women more than in years past.I believe and hope that this is true.On a recent trip to BMoCA, I was surprised and happy to see that the number of woman artists in their show The Living End outweighted the number of men.Perhaps now that The Dinner Party has a home, women artists will be more frequently invited into collector's homes as well as public museums.


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