Anthropologists have investigated and discussed religion and society for years.These two elements have been the focus of numerous ethnographies and articles written by a variety of anthropologists.Since Levy-Bruhl and Durkheims statements that religion and society are varied, numerous reports on various cultures throughout the world have shown the close relationship between religion and society.In many cases, religion acts as a social regulator for behavior toward your neighbors.Furthermore, belief in certain religions has been used to improve things such as working conditions.Religion has, in many cases throughout the world, served to guide people on social behavior as well as provide societies with a code of conduct.With the ever-increasing presence of capitalism, which is creating one big monoculture more and more every day, religion still maintains a very important relationship with societies.It helps to explain many of life's questions, as well as helping to define a person's position in life and provides them with guidance. While there have been numerous reports showing this important relationship, the most convincing examples can be found by observing the five elements of Leviticus, spirit possession, witchcraft or sorcery, millenarianism, and rites of passage.
In Mary Douglas's book Purity and Danger, she discus's the notion of wholeness, or pureness, in relation to Leviticus.In this section of the Bible, it is said that there were things made by God and those that were not.Devoutly religious people use this section of the Bible to guide them on things that can be eaten and those that are tabooed.The act of following the strict rules of Leviticus is one step towards being completely pure.Remaining holy and pure is explained in relation to socially acceptable behavior by observing chapter XIX of Leviticus;"Theft, lying, false witness, cheating in weights and measures, all ki…


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