Witch of Wall Street Hetty Green

A musical based on the life of America'sfirst great female financier,
After watching the play, The Witch of Wall Street, and giving it a lot of thought I have analyzed the questions we were given and decided that just answering one wouldn't do the play or the storyline any justice.Therefore I have decided to run through the play in segments answering all five questions in the process of doing so.
2- Describe the obstacles and opportunities Hetty Green had in the result of her success.
3- What were the main benefactors and antagonizers.
The lifetime accomplishments of Hetty Green all started at a young and tender age when she would hang around the docks her father owned, where she was instilled with a certain attitude towards business.She was quite a tomboy, understanding the lingo of the whalers and learning the business.She was her fathers pride and joy, quick to numbers, always giving him the answers he wanted.Her mother, who was an ill and frail woman, was unhappy that she wasn't like other girls her age.While her father blamed her mother for not even being able to produce a son, Hetty, mature and sensitive for her age continued to only do one thing; be the best in her father's eyes.Competitiveness, the need to be successful and the desire to be only the best reigned her persona.
Hetty's mother warned her daughter that her father was a shrewd and selfish man.She made sure to tell Hetty that when she died, the entire business would belong to her, despite her father's words… She warned her daughter not to trust anyone, while Hetty would cry to her, promising to make her happy, be rich and successful and buy her mother a beautiful big house. After her mother died, Hetty was introduced to the cold brutality of the world and it was thefirst notch of trust she lost in her father.Right after the funeral the lawyer announced that all assets would belong to Robinson.Hetty prot…


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