Wilt Chamberlain Talk Show

The Wilt Chamberlain Show
Today's Guest
Host: Wilt Chamberlain
Sampson: from Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales: A Monks Tale
Antony: from William Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra
Dante: from John Ciardi's translated version of The Inferno

Wilt Chamberlain: Today's topic is the role of women in our lives.What they do to persuade us, how they manipulate us using their natural traits to bring us to their mercy.
Wilt Chamberlain: My guests today, as you may well know them, are: to my immediate right, Sampson, to the far right Antony, and to my left Dante.
Sampson:May I start of this debate?I feel that women are the root of ALL evil and have brought mankind itself down.All great men are in some way manipulated by women (p 191).
Dante:Now, wait Sampson, not all women are created evil.I on the other hand have had one great and true love my whole life, which was reciprocated fully.Beatrice not only loved me while she was alive, but proved her
love to me as she sent Virgil to me as a guide through purgatory (p130).If that does not prove that some females have good in them, nothing will.
Wilt Chamberlain: Love only one woman? You mean like just one at a time right? Not for just one day, but for your whole life? I mean I am known for loving hundreds of ladies.
Sampson:Well explain this to me, how is it I too could love with all my heart and sole, only to have it formed into a dagger in my back.My wife, whom I should be able to trust more than my own self, took that liberty to give my foes a permit for my end.
Wilt Chamberlain: How about you Antony?You have been pretty quiet over there!
Antony:Well Sir Chamberlain, leader of the Lakers army, although Cleopatra's love and mine had its high points as well as lows, I must agree with Sir Dante that not all women are bad.In fact my lovers own love for me, compelled her to take her own life with a deadly serpent bit…

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