William Robinson-Rise to Fame

(b) Write a brief article for the journal Art and Australia about Australian artist William Robinson. Your article should examine how relationships between the agencies of the art world have contributed to his rise to fame.
In 1976 his work fetched the then flattering price of seven hundred dollars. Since then both the price and the talent we associate with his work has taken an ever increasing upward spiral. In fact, only a few years ago his Creation Series: The Ancient Trees, 19978 reached a record price of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Two time winner of both the Archibald Prize for portraiture and the Wynne prize for landscape painting Australia painter William Robinson is still able to amaze many with his beautiful portrayals of the Australian landscapes.
Robinson's talent and the high quality and artistic achievement in his paintings werefirst recognised by the National Gallery of Victoria, an establish gallery who purchased one f his large landscapes, showcasing his work to the public. This initial exposure allowed art dealers, critics and the museum going public to witness his work. Ray Hughes, an art dealer, recognised Robinson's talent and soon after began exhibiting his Robinson's in his own Brisbane and Sydney museums.
The artist in 1987 submitted his painting entitled Equestrian Self-Portrait into the Archibald Prize for Portraiture,'Australia's Premier Portraiture Award', a highly prestigious award showcasing contenders in the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Robinson soon after tookfirst place and was awarded a cash prize as well as the publicity the prize itself generated. This was only the beginning. In 1990 and 1995, William Robinson tookfirst place and was awarded the Wynne prize for Landscape painting for his paintings The Rainforest, 1990 and Creation Landscape: earth and Sea, 1995. This prize was awarded to the painting


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