Why It Took So Long For Hamlet To Kill Claudius

Why did it take so long for Hamlet to kill Claudius?
The Theatrical play Hamletby William Shakespeare is quite possibly one of the best play's ever created.Hamlet, a struggling prince, is a very influential.Many arguments are formed around one of his many problems and successes.One of those arguments is:Why does it take so long for Hamlet to kill King Claudius?The answer to this is Hamlet didn't kill Claudius so swiftly because of his little respect for Claudius, his forced honour towards Claudius, and his feeling of being absolutely sure of himself.
In Shakespearean times, respect is strictly enforced, and used towards the elderly, and Kings.One example of this is how Ophelia obeys her father's command to end her relationship with Hamlet (I, iii, 135).Unlike Ophelia, Hamlet has little respect or possibly none for Claudius.Claudius isn't Hamlet's father.If Hamlet was to show respect towards Claudius it would be like surrendering himself to him.Hamlet would never complete his goal given to him from his dead father.Hamlet kills Polonius behind the curtain in his mother's closet and says, "Nay I know not, is it the king?" (III, iiii, 28)He shows no compassion or remorse for his actions.In his rage he struck whoever was behind the curtain, blinded by his own rage towards Claudius.In the same scene (III, iiii, 104) "A King of shreds and patches!" he mocks Claudius.Translated, "a King of shreds and patches" is what clowns wear.Hamlet is stating a metaphor comparing Claudius to a clown saying that Claudius is a clown, or a fool.Throughout the whole play Hamlet taunts Claudius due to his lack of respect.In every act Hamlet always has some little comment to taunt Claudius.In the end, when Hamlet kills Claudius he feels no regret for his actions, due to his lack of respect.
Hamlet is brought up in royalty, learni


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