Why I deserve to live

"What we fear is not suffering or even death
What we fear is that we have wasted life
That our highest calling will go unanswered"
In a dream I met the most beautiful soul
She whispered "do you know what your purpose is?"
"Than you must breath the love back into the world"
Becomes the consciousness of another.
"So fill the world with your awareness
Of each and every soul you meet"
I remember thinking not too terribly long ago that I knew everything and I had it all figured out.I have traveled to many different places around the world. A couple of years ago I began to realize the world is not all about me and my life, and what mood I happen to be in at the time.I became aware that not only was I thankful to be here, alive, on this earth; but just how truly lucky I am that all of the circumstances aligned that I grew up in such a prosperous country, in a wonderful family, with the opportunity to fulfill my dreams.I feel I have an obligation to give back everything I have been given. The small box I was living in became opened.
Opportunity and existence go hand in had.I have been placed on this earth with an incredible opportunity to leave a mark.I have been blessed with a wonderful family.The time I was little they instilled in me to achieve my goals, dreams, and passions I possessed.I realize now what a blessing that is to have such a support group that ha


I'm Sandulf

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