Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf

Who;s Afraid of Virginia Woolfe is far and away one of the most personal plays that I have ever been to. This play seemed to hit on all aspects of life in the 60;s, materialism, plastic appearances and an abundance of alcohol to help bring about the true nature of the characters. The most amazing thing about Albee;s play was the fact that it seemed to describe human nature to a tee. The differences between 1962 and 2001 are huge, we have basically created new lifestyles for ourselves, but this play proves once again that human nature never becomes outdated. Albee hits on several aspects of the way we project ourselves as couples in social situations, George and Martha probably seemed like a perfectly happy couple on the outside to all the other faculty members who attended the party but once they were in private their image is projected in a whole new light. In a time when divorce was not nearly as prevalent as it is today this was probably a fairly common scene for the middle class of the time. Couples stayed together because that is what society condoned, breakups in marriage were scorned and high position families and couples stayed together for the sake of their careers no matter what kind of difficulties they experienced with each other. One of the major points made in this play was the fact that George just was not living up to Martha;s expectations he wasn;t the head of the History department even though he had been there for a very long time, this failure was present throughout the entire play suggesting that it was a major issue with the couple that was causing many problems. This lack of success on George;s part was also evident from the way he treated the young and upcoming Biology professor Nick, his apparent contempt seemed to stem from the fact that Nick had a better shot at becoming what George never could be. Martha;s obsession with George;s career seemed to disappo…


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