Where Does Art Come From

Where does art come from?Do we develop art for the purpose of escaping or enriching our lives?Do we find some simple solace in the fact that art brings us closer to the act of creation.Is it a fundamental God complex that drives one to produce art and share it with others?Art comes from the belly of my soul and nags at me.Calls to me, saying that I have something to give this world, these people, this era.I wouldn't want it any other way since my art is my insides sprawled out in paintings.My guts plastered against a wall with a sign saying "Look at this!". Paintings show how hard I think and how much I want to communicate the sensual bliss of seeing hearing feeling touching and tasting.I push my art into other people's laps in the hopes that they will see what I have cooped up on the inside of me and therefore remove them (and me) from empathetic desolation.I love my art and other people's art.It brings me closer to a thing.What thing?The "thingness" of the thing?The painting is beauty to me.There must be beauty of some variety for me to think that a painting is worthwhile.I identify with craftsmanship and innovation.Those are my standards for a painting.If I look at what I produce and feel that it lacks either or both, it's not worth my time or anyone else's.Craftsmanship is a fundamental principle of knowing a medium, mastering it, and having dedication, intensity, and passion or obsession to complete a project.When I don't feel confident in the craftsmanship of a painting, I feel like I'm buying a Rolodex off some guy on the street.He may have a sweet pitch to give me that makes me think he's got something decent, but what it boils down to is common sense.Don't buy it.Innovation is the other building block that I can't imagine into a painting no matter what some artist or historian claims.If I see a painting and it …


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