What is real

Reality is understanding through consciousness, what we understand to be real, inherently is real. We as people perceive things through our senses, they act as a medium between the object of understanding and the conscious intuition that allows us to understand. However our consciousness is defined as the quality or state of being aware of something within oneself, so consciousness is the state of mind in which we understand.Therefore everything we perceive through consciousness is in fact real.
Consider everything that happens around you.If you see a car accident you hear the crash, you smell the scent of burning oil or fuel, you can see the destruction that has taken place.As you get closer you can see the victims, you can feel their pain, their fear, their anguish.These things are all perceived during consciousness, which in turn makes them real.Our senses allow the understanding of these events.Our senses are not limited to the five basic senses, but also include feelings.When you're in danger you feel fear, when you touch a hot stove you feel pain.Our senses are the medium for understanding, and everything we understand through consciousness is real.
On the other hand, things that we perceive during unconsciousness are not real.For instance, in our dreams we can see and hear and understand, but we are not conscious therefore these things are not real.A person must be conscious to experience reality.During any state of unconsciousness, which most often is sleep, we may experience events in the form of dreams of visions, but these events did not actually happen.If I dreamt I was dead when I wake up, I'm not dead.If I dreamt I was the queen of Europe when I wake up, I'm not the queen. That is because I was in a state of unconsciousness.If I dreamt about an event that happened in the past I'm not actually reliving that event, it already happened.Therefore during unconsciousness I&…


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