what is art for

What is Art for?I don't believe there is a right or wrong answer to that question.I have heard on a couple of occasions that art is, "good for nothing," I have also heard that art can express emotions that you are not willing to show with words.I believe that quote, "a picture can say one thousand words" backs that statement up.
Personally, I do not hate art but I can also say that art really does not do anything for me anymore.Through personal experience, when I was younger I had liked to draw.In elementary school, I loved to go to art class.I drew a lot of things.My mother keeps all of my drawings.I mainly liked to draw cartoons.I was able to look at a picture off of a magazine (that I enjoyed to read) and draw that same picture.Sometimes it came out looking good but there were times where it did not look good.In my art class in elementary school, my art teacher introduced me to more than just drawing cartoons.He had me draw my hand without tracing over it like most people do.We made pottery and I remember drawing a replica of a tree.
I have not drawn a picture in a long time.I might doodle here and
there, but nothing serious.I may draw when I am bored and have nothing
else to do.That is rare now-a-days because now I am always doing
sometime.If I am not at school I am at work.If I am not at work I am
doing school work.Then I have basketball practice.I really do not have
time anymore to draw anymore because I am always doing something.


I'm Sandulf

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