What Is Art

"Art is either plagiarism or revolution."
Paul Gauguin (1848–1903), French artist. Quoted in: Huneker, Pathos of Distance, p. 128.
Defining art is a very difficult thing to do. Choosing one characteristic over another would be unfair. Art and literature can't be based on good characteristics in a book or one way of painting or sculpting.You can't say that music is only good when it has words.So the question is what makes something art?Art can be defined as a unique style, something that has never been done before.
Everyone is different, even the most identical twin's don't share the same fingerprints.Everyone is also born with there own sense of style, there own thoughts and ideas.Art can not be art if you are coping other people's style. A not very well known book or piece of art can still be considered art as long as it holds it's own unique style. Take Pablo Picasso for example he changed modern art as we know it.Picasso didn't want people to copy him or his style. "Painting is a blind man's profession. He paints not what he sees, but what he feels, what he tells himself about what he has seen." Pablo PicassoFrom this quote I am led to believe that it's not his intentions for people to copy him.Art comes from within, you can't copy someone else and say that's how you feel. If you were to ask a 100 people what there feelings on art were, I bet that you wouldn't receive the same exact answer from any two people. So for someone to have the same style of someone else, is impossible.How can you feel, think or act out the same ways as someone else??? you can't. Oh, yes even Cow Poop Mary is art.The Virgin Mary has been done in many medians, but this artist seen something new something unique. It wasn't the same oil on canvas painting of the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus.This had never been done before. And even …


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